{Ultimate Blog Party '13}

So here we are again.  I almost missed the UBP13 this year.  How the heck did that happen?  Thanks for stopping by.  Here is my post from last year's party.  For those of you that don't want to click on the link {cause who does really} here it is. 

my name is angela.
i am engaged to my beautiful fiancé lisa.
this will be my third marriage but first to a woman.
we have four kids.  two girls and two boys.
i like to take pictures.  at one point i wanted to do it professionally.
i work at target and have for 10 years.  i am in charge of security at my store.
i live just off cape cod in massachusetts.
i've had the same best friend for 16 years.  :)
i love chocolate, bacon, butter and cupcakes.
on that note, i'm desperately trying to lose weight.
i am addicted to coffee and my iPhone.
i just finished the hunger games and now i'm on to 50 shades of grey.
there's links to all my other stuff up there in the top left if you're interested!

my blog is about me, my life, my family and usually involves pictures i've taken.  

This of course, is all still true.  Except the book crap.  I'm not that slow of a reader.  Lisa and I are still engaged.  As soon as a date is set y'all be the first to know.  Promise.  Oh and my love of no capital letters and centering all the things seemed to have dwindled as well.  If I were to write this bio now it would read...

My name is Angela.
I am engaged to my beautiful fiance Lisa.
This will be my third marriage but the first to a woman.  I'm ok with itYou should be too.
We have four kids.  Two girls and two boys.
I like to take pictures.  At one point I wanted to do it professionally but I really don't like people.  I wrote about why I don't want to be a professional photographer here.
I work at Target and have for almost 11 years.  I am in charge of security at my store.  And it's a kick ass job!
I live just off Cape Cod in Massachusetts.
I've had the same best friend for almost 17 years.
I love chocolate, bacon, butter and cupcakes.
On that note, I'm still trying to lose weight.
I'm addicted to coffee and my iPhone.  Oh and Essie nailpolish.  And of course, Disney.
I follow something like 289 blogs.  I know.  I know.
I just finished reading Cupcakes at Carringtons and now I'm reading While we were watching Downton Abbey.
Oh by the way, I'm obsessed with all things Masterpiece Theater.

My blog is about us.

Oh and you should click on those links.  They're good stuff. 

These are the people that mean the most to me in the whole wide world. Aren't they awesome?

I suppose we are pretty cute. :)

Ultimate Blog Party 2013


  1. Your hair looks fabulous!

    And the fam is adorable, as always. :D

  2. Hi Angela - I am already following you on twitter and possibly instagram, I think we have shared coffee. I see we also share bacon and cupcakes in common - neither of which go well with losing weight. That's one of my constant struggles too. Great to get to know your family better

  3. Those are some cute looking kids!

    Hope you have a great time at the party!

  4. You all are SUPER adorable! I'm here from the party, and following you on Twitter! Hope you come by my post, too! http://www.parentwin.com/2013/04/ultimate-blog-party-2013.html

  5. thanks for stopping by and commenting! I think i'd have no paycheck if i worked at target! ;)

  6. I’m late! I’m late! I’m stopping by from the UBP13. Love your family!! I hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.