{life lately}

life lately has been crazy. lots of bad stuff. lots of good stuff. you've gotta take the good with bad, right?! anyways i do have some stuff typed up in the drafts here but for now, instagrams! yay!

Cutest banana ever!
The leg poses kill me.  Xoxoxo #latergram

Fall love.

Fall = Magic.  Nuff said.
I love me some woods.

If you are ever in Dartmouth MA, Chippi is the best thing ever!

Rainy day smiles.
Rainy days.

My girl and I on a jumpie bounce house.
We jumped on the moonwalk together this weekend. #latergram

This is how she rests between soccer drills.  :)
How she rests between plays at soccer.

Great nights with great friends are the stuff dreams are made of.
Such a fun night!

Love that my girl loves to read.
I'm sure it's perfectly normal to sit in the window when there is a perfectly good table right in front of you.

My sisters and I took Dad to a Patriots game for his birthday.  It was my very first game.  So much fun!
So much fun!!  Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad, have you ever taken a selfie?  lol
Dad, have you ever taken a selfie?!  #patsgame


{Turn on the Light}

A. Dumbledore

There will always be darkness in life waiting there in the wings to drag you down. You just have to remember to focus on the light and the darkness doesn't seem quite so dark anymore.