{angela king...wait....where did the "photography" go?}

***this has been sitting in my drafts for months and months.  sharing it now.***

some of you {most of you probably didn't.  but that's ok.  the world doesn't revolve around me} may have noticed that i dropped the "photography" from my logo.  or my watermark.  i have decided to be a MWAC {mom with a camera}.

this was my watermark before....

and this is what i use now.... {or what i will be using again when i'm not too lazy to upload it off of my hard drive to ps}
no photography

there is a fantastic article about being a mwac {at the clickinmoms blog}.

mwac is typically used as a derogatory term in the photography world. but i don't care. i had started to start a business and held on to the "photography" for a long time after i decided not to continue with the business.  i even still use photography in my email address but if you ask me if i'm taking on sessions, the answer is no.  at least not at this point in my life.

i got into photography because i loved taking pictures of my kids.  i loved being able to grab those great moments in their lives.  as i went along in my family photography journey, other people asked me to start taking pictures of them too.  i've done a few senior sessions, a couple of weddings, and some other random sessions.  while i enjoyed parts of the process, the whole thing just wasn't for me.

so this is the deal.  i really don't like people.  or at least i'm very uncomfortable meeting new people.  i guess i'm rather shy.  and having to direct strangers on how to sit or which way to look pushed me waaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone.  you have to be really good with people to photograph them.  i am not.  at the very least i am self aware.  ;)

another reason {and the biggest} i decided to drop the business is because of my family.  my time at home with them is way to precious.  i don't want to be home with them and editing photos.  plus i have a full time job so the time to fit in photo shoots, editing and meeting with clients just doesn't work.

my photography has evolved.  a lot.  i owe that to the many photographers i have met online that i can now call my friends.  photographers are a special kind of people.  i still want to be part of the community even if i'm not in business and they support that.  i think in other trades people are more competitive and would be suspect of sharing their "secrets" but not in photography.

i mostly frequent {clickinmoms}.  it's a fantastic forum for professional and hobbyists alike.  if you don't want to join a forum, they also have a wonderful blog with tons of information.  if you are at all interested in photography whether for a career or for fun, you should really check it out. 

as for me i'm proud to be a mwac.  :)

since i can't post without a pic...how delish looking is this?!
Dulce de Leche filled scone....

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