{the way i view...friendship}

this month's theme is friendship. i'm doing a monthly challenge over at clickinmoms. you can find last month's installment {here}.  i have a lot of friends.  most of my friends are people i've met at target.  sad huh?  not really if you consider that i did not go to college and have been with the company for ten years.

out of all of my friends, i have one bestie.  her name is jen.  :)  you may recognize her.  she has been on the blog before.  {even though she claims she never has}.

jen and i have been friends FOREVER.  it all started one day during high school.  jen was on crutches and the teacher asked for a volunteer to leave a few minutes early and walk her to her next class.  i am all for leaving class early, so i volunteered to bring her.  the rest, as they say, is history.  we've been friends for as long as i can remember.  we had one big fight where we didn't talk for a couple of years.  we call it our "vacation".  it was a horrible time.  i'm not even sure jen knows how much i hated it.  {she will now, cause as a good bestie does, she reads my blog.}  i thought of her all the time and found myself missing her.  finally, i made a leap and contacted her through myspace.  {i know huh?  myspace?  so 2008}.  even though we had been best friends, meeting up with her that first time after our vacation was nerve racking. everything worked out fine though, and here we are!

since i know you're reading this, jennifer, i wanted to let you know that i love you.  you are my family more than just my friend.  thank you for being the best best friend i could ever ask for.  you're gonna be stuck with me for a hella long time.  :)

i tried to get a cute pic of jen and i today for this post, but that didn't work out so much so you'll get an adorable pic of her fish face {which i'm so sure she'll love me for} and some others i find on my computer.

so bear with me....there are lots of pics here.  :)

we'll start off with way back when....

really the fact that she was friends with me when i wore white eyeliner says something for her. ;)


she was there when most of my babies were born....

she does crazy ass things that make me laugh....

like lay on the floor like she's dying in the middle of the airport because we have a delay...with four kids. {tell me you don't love the kids faces in the background?}

she's also one of those friends who would do anything for you.  including bringing you to new york and hanging out with you on a work outing to six flags....

aren't we cute?

she's not too bad to have a few too many drinks with either. lol.

she's also the kind of friend that the kids call auntie jen. cause to them, she is their auntie. they love her very much.

mostly i love her cause we are us....

and here is that pic i promised at the beginning. :)

guys don't forget to head over to {clair's} page to see how she views friendship!  :)


  1. Angela, what an incredible testament to your friendship with Jen! I love this post. <3 So much history, milestones, and memories are just bursting forth. I lost a dear friend last year suddenly to cancer and it makes me so happy to see you celebrating your friendship with these incredibly words and photos. Amazing work!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh holly, i'm so sorry. i can't even imagine what that would be like. big hugs to you. :)

  3. This is such an adorable "ode to a bestie" - I love it! I'm sure she will appreciate the trip down memory lane. And it has reminded me that I really should take some more pics w/ my own BFF.

  4. What a fantastic record over the years! Makes me sad I don't have more pics with my best friend....note to self ;-)

  5. What a fantastic record over the years! Makes me sad I don't have more pics with my best friend....note to self ;-)

  6. What a wonderful friendship! Great picture timeline too!

  7. That was very sweet! You are lucky to have one another. :D

  8. What wonderful friends you are for each other!

  9. Aww, I love a good bestie story!!! :)

  10. What a great chronology of friendship! And I love your daughter's self portrait in another post!