{Insta-Friday 5/23}


This cute kid turned nine this week.  :)
Me and the birthday girl.  Xoxo #latergramThis sweet heart turned nine yesterday.  They are all gonna be odd numbers this year.  #helpme #oddnumbersarethedevil

I just truly wrapped my head around the Starbucks rewards and now I feel like a shmuck for not doing it sooner.
Earned my green card.  Free drink refills for me!  #starbucks

I cut down some of my favorite flowers this week.  Shhhhhh don't tell whoever they belonged to.
Lilacs.  Are you sick of them yet?  Me either.  #vscocam #squaready

The Mommy Shorts blog was giving away Olympus cameras to  mom that took selfless with their kids a couple of weeks ago.  This was an outtake.  My arm isn't long enough to fit all of us.  ;)
This is a great #outtake from when I was trying to get a shot of all of us for #rewardyourselfie #latergram

When you don't have a hair tie, a pen will do.
When you don't have a hair tie, a pen will work in a crunch.  #atworkdontcare #retaillife #retaillifeselfie #twincollage

She's just to freakin cool for everything and everyone.  Look at that stance.
She rules.

Good thing she's cute to boot.
My sweet girl.  Xoxo #latergram #target

Miss Carol and I.  :)

Ummmmm pretty sure she shouldn't have been doing that.  Oh and this is Carol's pic that I stole.  She always gets the most beautiful skies in her photos.

Baby Donavyn!
Little people in the red Target circle are to die for. #target

We went to a new Irish Pub that just opened locally and had Bangers and Mash.  So good!
Bangers and mash. Yummmmm

My boy loves to take pictures.  xoxo
Our boy taking pictures of the lilacs.

They are so cute it hurts.
My walk buddies today.  Xoxo

He helped me push.  She did no work at all for the whole walk.
The boy helped me push the carriage on our walk today.  Xoxo

This is the best thing ever.  This is my friend Eddie in some sort of eating contest.  It's up at a local restaurant on their "wall of fame".  My other friend saw it and sent it to me.  It makes me happy.
Too awesome not to share.  I was just sent this by someone that recognized @bigfatbooch up on a "Wall of Fame" at Max's in Dartmouth MA.  Fantastic.