If I were posting this to Twitter it would read:
My head is telling me not to eat all.the.donuts. but my achy crampy uterus is screaming at me to get.to.it. #girlproblems

It went down like this. I'm trying to eat healthy and even though the weight isn't coming off like I would like it to, I'm sticking with it. Until. Until I get my period. Yup. I'm going there. If it makes you queasy move along now. Anyways I'm getting my period and for days and days all I can think about is eating a whole bag of these babies....


And no, they're not donettes but they will do in a crampergency. Trust me. Yesterday was the day. I was at work and went out to talk to a friend to help me back away from the donuts. Nope. She tried but it didn't work. On my way down to the donuts I sent Lisa and SOS. I didn't hear back right away so I kept walking. Just as I was getting to the donuts this series of texts happened.


And you know what, they aren't donettes. And they aren't that good. She was right. {She usually is. Don't tell her though.} So I walked away. I won. I bought an apple and a Chobani and I was ok. No need for pouty faces.

I want all the donuts.

Although, all this talk about donuts is making me want to go get some right now!
I kid. I kid. Kind of.

{weight 2/30 230.6. weight today 223.1. down 7.5 pounds}


  1. Trying to eat good when you work outside the home is difficult. I am already eating out more than normal, plus it is baseball season so we are eating more ballpark food--ugh (it is delicious, but not good for the upcoming swimsuit season).

  2. bad, donut, bad! losing 7.5 lbs = good!