it's been another long long week.  here's my week through my iPhone and my hipstamatic/instagram apps.

but first, who else hates the new blogger interface????  it's pretty and more 2012 but i HATE change.  there i said it.  boo.

i've got a lot this week. go grab some coffee {make sure to bring me one too} i'll wait....ok you're ready? oh and thanks for the coffee. just how i like it. :) last friday i spent my morning like this....reading the hunger games with my boy on my lap. it was perfection. :) IMG_0552
 it was also a flip flops and ripped capris kind of day. IMG_0558IMG_0557

my boys did some skateboarding.  :)


11:11 on programmed station number 11. fun. odd numbers are ok when they add up to even ones...just sayin'.


i painted my nails pretty. essie has these new luxe top coats. this one is tdf. and that pb? just as pretty in my book.

these killed my diet this week.


 i want this mug. it's gorg...


the little one got a haircut. better post with better pics to come. promise. IMG_0628 

 i got a smash journal. oh my perfection. here are a few of my favorite pages from it. SMASH 
 i had another perfect coffee date.

 me! :)


 two of the cutest baby boys who aren't mine ever.


 yesterday was my mommy's birthday. :)


i finally spent the amazon gift card that lisa's mom gave me for christmas. i got this phone case, some real film for my camera and the 50 shades of grey series. :) Untitled

life rearranged


{sign fail}

this is a sign in our town.  i looooooooooooooove it.  i laugh every single time.  i blacked out the phone numbers....i don't need to be sued for laughing.  can you imagine being the person that made it?  they must have known and just giggled.  i know i would have.  ;)


i also spell check all my posts. i hate bad spellers. i secretly hoped the blog gods would tell me that words in the sign were spelled wrong too.


{366 through my iphone}

some of you may know that i've been doing a project 366 on my dslr. well, i've also been doing it on my iphone. :) here are some screen shots from january and february. this app makes it super easy to load them into it each day.


i'm going to have to make a blurb book at the end of the year with all of them. :)

any of you doing a 366????


{77 - 83/366}

on st. patrick's day, we made our first corned beef and cabbage. well, really lisa made it. we cooked it in the slow cooker. it was good. i was scared because well, it's corned beef and cabbage. but i liked it and more importantly, the kids loved it!

i've really been into painting my nails lately. whenever i do mine, the kids want theirs done too. :)

i love this ice cream. omg. so good.

yes lisa and i hopped on the bandwagon. and omg. i wish we had read it sooner. it's fantastic.

bailey had his last game this week. the team made it to the second round of the playoffs. it was a good game but ultimately they lost by 6 points.

we try to do family game night often. it doesn't actually happen often, but when it does, it rocks. this night we played i spy and then fruit ninja!

me and my love. :) don't mind my squished face and my silly smile.



on st. patrick's day, lisa made corned beef and cabbage. we were concerned the kids wouldn't like it but they loved it. :)

bailey and i went to the gym last weekend. isn't he cute?

speaking of the gym, i found these. if you left them behind, well, they're still on the floor. there was no way i was touching your undies. ;)

i've been obsessed with these chicken salad wraps. so yummy!

going through the boy's homework sometimes requires wine. even if you're not the one going through it.

it was gorgeous this week! i wish it could stay mid seventies forever and ever.

i did a lot of working out this week. i went to the gym five days. :)

lisa and i started the hunger games. omg. so good.

aren't they cute????

we got a new espresso machine at work. i of course, had to try it out.

and me. :)

life rearranged