"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus".
Mark Twain








Hopefully I can figure out this flickr thing so that y'all can actually see the pics this time.

Santa came a while back.
Santa came today.  Xoxo

A little Christmas tree bokeh for ya.
Our tree pre crashing to the ground.  #bluronpurpose #latergram

Obviously the kids love eachother, but i cherish it when they actually express it. ;)
They love each other.  Xoxoxo

Pretty much they are cutest four and six year olds you'll ever see.  Xoxo

The oldest and the youngest.  Ten years and one day apart. Xoxo

My love and I on Christmas Eve. That iphone flash is a killer, huh?
That iPhone flash is a killer.  ;) #latergram

Chipmunk cheeks!
Chipmunk cheeks.  :)

Bay got some pretty cool gifts this year. He got an iphone, a PS3 and the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid signed by the author. Thanks Carol! :)
I can finally share!  Thanks to my sweet friend, we got bay the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book signed by the author!He loves his iPhone!!!

We went to Disney on Ice. It was awesome.
Cutie pies. XoxoCutie pies second edition.  Xoxo

Lion King. #disneyoniceNever had a friend like me! #disneyonice

How do you know you had a great birthday? You end up at Walmart at 9pm drunk zoning crappy end caps in your red and khaki.
How do you know you had a great birthday?  You end up at Walmart at 9pm drunk zoning crappy end caps in your red and khaki.

We told the kids they could stay up until Midnight on New Year's Eve. Only Chloe made it. She was so excited!
Toasting a little early.  3/4 of them are passed out.  #newyearseve

You had me at bacon. #truth #target #print

We had a big snow storm last week. The kids loved going out and playing.
He was loving trying to snowboard. Xoxo

The kids loved the snow. Isobel decided it was too cold and didn't come outside. Lol.

Bailey was a big help shoveling. One of the very few benefits of having a teenager.
The kid helped us shovel. Xoxo

We went and saw Frozen for the second time. It's amazing and if you haven't seen it, you're missing out.
We went to see Frozen again today. :)

It's been a Rainbow Loom factory around here lately.
This kid loves his rainbow loom.

I've been trying to get back into running. I was sick for a few weeks and wasn't able to run. It's tough getting back at it.
#workinonthefitness #quintessentialfatgirl

My love for satellite radio and wu-tang runs deep.
My love for satellite radio runs deep.  I change to a hip hop station and just like that I'm 15 again.

I rocked some braids Anna {from Frozen} style this week. I sent this to Lisa to ask her if I looked dumb or cute first. Her reply? "Where's your horse Pippi?"
Sent this to Lisa and asked her if my braids look cute or dumb.  Her response? Where's your horse Pippi?!  So of course I'm wearing them.

A night out with friends is always welcome.
Taking photos to avoid the awkwardness.  #chilis

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