{living in the moment....november}

this month i found myself doing what i did last month....shooting over a few days and saving them up. then i had way to many and the share got huge but i threw them in anyways. oh well.

also, i'm trying to get out the door to go play volleyball with my love so when all the black and whites bunched together, i just left them. oh well they are in the order that they were shot in so that's something. lol.

living in the moment novemberliving in the moment novembers

do me a favor and go check out the very talented {irene} and see what her living in the moment looks like.  :)

{nail polish swap}

hey guys!  i participated in the nail polish swap over at {lala lists} and {liploss and crayons}.  i was paired up with wonderful Jenn over at {squishy cheeks & cupcakes}.  she sent me this awesome package....

i loved the tape on the outside of the box.....so cute!

the inside was even cuter!IMG_8270-2

i got the cutest christmassy polishes and cute glove/mittens to show off my mani!


i used merry berry and put glitter all the way on the tips.  so cute!!!!!!!!!  it's the perfect christmas mani.  this picture is bad.  lol.  it's cute, i swear!

lala ListsNaBloPoMo November 2012


{scrabble tile christmas ornaments}

i came up with cute idea while visiting my good friend {carol's} house.  she had made something similar with a different letter block. 

grab the scrabble game that you bought three years ago to make scrabble tile necklaces with out of your closet.  i know.  i did too. 
spell out the names of your family.

hope you have enough for everyone...

find out that you don't have enough for your own name.  boo.

hot glue the letters together.  make sure to spell it correctly!  that would be embarrassing.  i found that i like the look of the letters being a bit slanty and not all flat to each other.

glue some ribbon on the back to hang it.  voila!!!!!!!!!!

i did find that my names broke apart if not gentle with them.  i think that either sanding down where you are putting the glue or gluing the ribbon all the way down the back would solve this.  no problem!

NaBloPoMo November 2012


{wet paper towels}

i'm pretty sure i've written about it here before but wet paper towels are magic in our house.  no matter what the problem is, itchy eyes or a scratched elbow, a wet paper towel cures it.  i'm not sure how this got started but i know it started with ian.  his eyes were always itchy and so the wet paper towel cure was born.




do you have any tried and true off the wall cures in your home?

NaBloPoMo November 2012



chloe got a leapster either last year or the year before for christmas.  ian and izz are at the age where they love it too.   seeing them play with these kind of toys bring me back to my childhood.  i was a HUGE fan of gameboy and could kick in in tetris like no one else.  i also loved my speak and spell.  you remember those???


shhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell but santa is bringing them each their own this year as well.  :)  i love these kind of toys because yes they are playing video games, but they are learning.  how can you go wrong??!


what do your kids love playing with?

NaBloPoMo November 2012


{special person's day}

ian got to invite a special person for a thanksgiving celebration in his classroom.  he chose me.  :)



we made thanksgiving story bracelets using the poem in the picture above.  it was super duper cute.  


then we had snacks and apple juice.  it was perfect.  


he loved getting to come home early with me after the celebration was done. we went and picked up isobel and he got to wait outside with lisa for her to come out. he also got to see mrs fillion, his teacher from last year. he gave her a big hug. :)


NaBloPoMo November 2012


{christmas gangnam}

again, a video that's just too awesome not to share.  i love this.

A Texas family's Christmas light show is flipping the switch on "Gangnam Style."
John Storms spends a long time designing the perfect light display each year, synchronizing the whole thing to music.

you can read more about john storms in the article {here}

and because i love a good mashup....

there are so many of them.  here are a few that i love.  you're welcome.  :)

if you didn't watch the ama's, you missed out. this is one of the coolest mashups i've ever seen.

my kids two favorite songs.  if only they'd do a mashup video for me.  ;)

and why not?

this girl is so talented. i just found her.

{sunday social...4's}

this week's them over at {a complete waste of makeup} for social sunday is 4's. 

1. Name 4 jobs you’ve had in your life.
  •  dunkin' donuts  {my first job ever}
  •  DEB  {clothing store}
  •  Gloria Jean's Coffee Shop  {i lasted one day.  i hated espresso and making drinks.  little did i  know.  ;)}
  • Target!!!!!!!!!
2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over.
  • princess bride
  • grease
  • the goonies
  • any christmas movie or harry potter movie
3. Name 4 places you have lived.
  • plymouth  {a bunch of times}
  • manomet  {this is really a part of plymouth but whatever}
  • mansfield  {this one kind of sucked}
  • onset  {here now}
4. Name 4 of your favorite foods.
  • coffee  {so what if it's a drink.  it's my fave}
  • bread  {any kind really.  i love carbs}
  • ooooooeeey gooooooey mac and cheese
  • donettes  {RIP.  this isn't actually really a fave.  it's just become an obsession as of recently}
5. Name 4 things you always carry with you.
  • my iphone
  • inhaler
  • money/debit card/target check card
  • pony tail holder
6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation.
  • disney!!!!!!!!!!
  • new hampshire
  • atlantic city
  • vegas

Sunday SocialNaBloPoMo November 2012


{disguise a turkey}

both ian and isobel got a turkey project this month. the idea was to disguise the turkey so he could escape being eaten on Thanksgiving day. i was walking around Target looking for ideas and came up with decorating them as a christmas tree. the kids loved it and so that's what we did.



they did a great job. i love the monthly projects that they do in preschool and kindergarten. it gives us an opportunity to sit down as a family and craft together.

NaBloPoMo November 2012


{insta-friday...black friday}

today is black friday.  for some of you that may mean nothing.  for some it's the day you go wait in line at an insane time for a silly tv or gasp crock pot.  for me it means going into work for midnight on thanksgiving night to work so that you can get your silly items.  :)

now i'm not really complaining per say.  bf is my favorite day of all year to work in retail.  i just wish it was still a friday thing.  there's really no need to open on thanksgiving day to sell some tvs  and iPods.  for reals.  

here are some shots from our week....

is this for real?  and is it necessary to steal it????
"natural looking padded panty pre-shaped with contour form to resemble a curvaceous bottom"
ummmmmmm ok.

lisa and i fell upon the cake bar while sort of lost.  best fall ever.

their cakes were beautiful.

but their cupcakes came home with us and they were heavenly.

we went to the disney outlet.  heaven on earth.

i'm loving this song.  it's awesome.

my boy had a grandparent's day at school.  none of his grandparents live close enough by or were available so he got to pick someone special.  guess who he picked?!  :)

they sang for us.  we made a thanksgiving bracelet and we took pics of each other.

he made a cute place mat too.

on thanksgiving i didn't take many pics.   but i did grab these two that struck me.  the teenagers they're becoming.

it's on!  well, it's over now.  but it was on.

i was super excited about the infinity scarves.  this beauty cost me $8.  score.

life rearrangedNaBloPoMo November 2012