{Who is Walmart?}

While at the doctors with Izz I was trying to distract her from playing with the germy gross snot ridden toys so we were looking out the window.  I asked her where she thought the cars were going....


Isobel:  Maybe they're going home.

Me:  Or to dinner.

Isobel:  Or to work.

Me:  Or home.

Isobel:  Or to a park.

Me:  You think so?

Isobel:  Or to a different park!

Me:  Maybe. 

Isobel:  Or Walmart.

Me:  Walmart?  Who goes to Walmart?  Don't you mean Target?????!

Isobel:  {Playing dumb}  Who is Walmart?

Well played chickie....well played.

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  1. ha! that's funny. smart girl made a nice recovery!