{isobel doesn't want me at her wedding}

while driving home from the doctors with isobel she said many very funny things.  i'm not sure if she's nuts or if the double ear infections and strep throat were messing with her.

Isobel:  Collin lives underneath our house.

Me:  Who told you that?

Isobel:  Collin told me.

Me:  I think maybe he was joking with you dolly.

Isobel:  Yeah.  He was trying to make me laugh at recess.

Me:  He loves you, doesn't he?

Isobel:  Yes.  I'm gonna marry him.

Me:  You are?

Isobel:  Yes.  You won't want to come to my wedding.

Me:  I won't want to?  Why not?

Isobel:  Cause I'm gonna kiss him.  And then I'm gonna hug him.  I'm gonna kiss him three times.

Me:  Ah.

Isobel:  You know what else?  I'm gonna kiss him a lot.  And I will hug him a lot.  Can he visit my home sometime?


If they were to marry, Collin would be a very lucky boy. This girl is caaaaaute.

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