i should just plan to get this post done every saturday.  then i won't feel foolish posting insta-friday on saturday.  oh well.

my barista loves me.  :)

anyone else super duper excited for girl meets world the boy meets world spin off?  yeah, me too!

i've been loving my macro lens for the iphone.  these are cute fake flowers from target.

i wore my red on monday.

mmmmmmmmmmm. hazelnut macchiato.

our girl was sick this week.  they tried to clean out her ears to see if they were infected.  they were unsuccessful so we're working on it at home.

mmmmmmm chobani flips.

practicing floating during swim class.
Practicing floating.  :)

my audience while taking deep breaths for the doctor.
This was my audience while at the doctor today.

ian got his b-ball trophy at his banquet last night.
This kid just got his b-ball trophy.  :)

love this kid.
Me and my boy.  Xoxo

zeppolis. mmmmmmmm.  not diet food.  oooooops.
Mmmmmm zeppoli.  #olivegarden #whatdiet #quintessentialfatgirllikesdonuts


{maybe my proudest mommy moment yet}

my son likes rap music.  this is both surprising and at the same time not at all.  i grew up on rap music.  tupac.  wutang clan.  method man {i know he's technically part of wu tang} you name it, i loved it.  but the thing is, we don't listen to rap music in front of the kids.  so where did his love of rap come from?

but angela, rap music is everywhere.  he heard it at school.  saw it on tv, you say.  yes.  this could be true.  EXCEPT he doesn't like "today's" rappers.  he hadn't even heard thrift shop until tuesday night when we went to target and i serenaded him on the way home.  don't worry, he loves it when i sing to him.  ;)

so this is when this happened.

bay:  i don't really like the rappers today.  they're weak.  i like C.R.E.A.M.

me:  hahahaha C.R.E.A.M.?

bay:  yeah, you know.  cash rules everything around me....

me:  CREAM GET THE MONEY, DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YA'LL.  of course i know what C.R.E.A.M. is bailey.

bay:  oh.

and that's when i was both super proud of him and able to absolutely mortify him in the same moment.  winning!  maybe his love of good rap is in his genes.  you're welcome bay!  ;)

and of course i have to share both videos with you.  what are you opinions?  are today's rappers weak or are they awesome in their own right?


{May 17, 2004}

May 17, 2004 is a very special day in the history of our country.  In case you don't know, it's the day that Massachusetts' supreme judicial court ruled that it was unconstitutional to allow only heterosexual couples to marry.  It's the day that Massachusetts became the sixth jurisdiction in the world to allow same sex marriage.  The first in the United States to allow it.

outside of the Massachusetts state house June 14, 2007.
{via here}

You would think that we would have come a long way by now.  We haven't.  MA is one of only nine states to allow same sex marriage.  

those blue states there allow same sex marriage.  i'm proud to live in new england but i can't wait until the whole country is blue.
{via here}

Why?  I can't answer that for you.  But in my personal opinion I think people are afraid.  In the history of man kind there have been prejudices against many people.  All because they are different than us.  All because we are afraid of them.

How is not allowing same sex marriage not the very same thing as making a black woman give up her seat on a bus to a white man?  It's not.  It's the exact same thing.  Not allowing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to marry is the same discrimination as not treating african american people as equal to caucasian people.  And it all stems from the same place.  Why can't we see that?  Has the hate and fear clouded us so much that it's not evident?

this picture taken outside of the supreme court today says it perfectly.  don't be on the wrong side of history again.
{via here}

{via here}

today the supreme court will vote on prop 8.  the right to marry the person you love.  tomorrow DOMA.  which will allow federal recognition of all legal marriages.  let's hope that these judges get it right.  let's hope that they are not on the wrong side of history today.  let's hope that march 26/27, 2013 become the most important days in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history.

let's hope.

i've had this pie chart in my drafts forever and i need to share it today.  i found this on one of my favorite blogs.  you can check it out here!

i spoke out about my sexuality in this post if you're interested.  xoxo



weight loss takes hard work.  and determination.  i feel like i'm always battling the same weight.  writing the same post.  but now, it changes.  i've said that before and i meant it.  i mean it this time too. 

i'm not on a diet.  i'm changing my life.  making better decisions.  will they always be the right decision?  no.  like the macaroni and cheese and fresh out of the oven roll from panera bread that i ate this weekend.  or the three cupcakes i've eaten since then.

{two of these and one other kind. ;)}
Cupcake Charlie's

but today is a fresh start.  today i have my eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast.  today i have a salad for lunch.  today i start over.  today i get back on track. 

it isn't the determination to eat healthy that's hard.  it's the determination to not let those cupcakes or that mac and cheese defeat you.  that's the hard part.  but just because i chose to eat something that wasn't healthy, it doesn't mean i screwed up.  it doesn't mean i blew everything.  it doesn't mean that i failed and that i should give up.

it means i indulged.  life is all about indulgences.  it's determining which ones to indulge in and how often.  that's the important part.  that's the stickler.  so while i'm eating healthier and making better choices, i'm also taking a good look at how and when i indulge. 

{weight 2/23 230.6.  weight today 225.1.  down 5.5 pounds}

**this post was originally written on 3/19/13.  {i like to keep things in my drafts until i'm brave enough to hit publish}**


{sunday social...3/24}

1. What is your favorite thing about Spring?
 - the warmer weather and the {hopefully} end to the snow.

2. Favorite kind of flowers to grow or receive?
 - lilacs are my all time favorite flower.  however i don't grow or receive them.  i do hope to plant a lilac tree in our yard when we buy a house.  :)

My favorite flower

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
 - oh god.  i love so many but two of my faves are dive bar and turquoise and caicos both by essie.

4. What is your favorite out door activity?
 - going to the beach which is more a summer thing or going for a walk with my love.

5. Do you have any fun Spring plans?
 - ummmmmm, no.  not yet.

Sunday Social


{insta-friday....on saturday....again}

i just don't know what my problem is lately.  i just can't seem to get my insta-friday posts up on friday.  oh well.  here is our week.  and there is a new vlog down there.  ;)

lisa and i went skiing with some friends a few weekends ago.  i didn't ski.  ;)

he loves her so.  and he's such a great big brother.  he was trying to keep her warm after swim. 

ian at basketball practice. 

isn't she beautiful???

green pancakes for st. patty's day.

lisa and i went to the movies this week.  i can't wait for MU to come out.  and their bathroom always creeps me out...

we saw identity thief.  very good.  very funny.


both of these grabbed my attention.  anyone read them??

my babe at the ER.  thought she may have broken her foot.

she did not but she loved all the attention.  ;)

my barista loves me.  :)

i'm also linking up with alissa for her coffee date link up.  :)

life rearranged


{why i am weird}

one of the many many reasons actually. i love to take ice cream. any kind really and stir it until it's soft and creamy. i'm not sure when it started but it just makes it taste better. ;)


do you have any weird or quirky things you do with your food?


{sunday social....3/17}

1.  Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
 - sit at home and do nothing.  read.  curl up and be warm.

2.  Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend?
 - enjoy the warm weather and being able to be outside with my family.  beach, s'mores, awesomeness.



3.  Favorite spring accessory?
 - flip flops!  not really just spring.  as soon as it's warm enough.

4.  Favorite way to spend a winter day?
 - read number one.  lol

5.  What is your favorite Season and why?
 - fall.  the leaves.  the smell.  the clothes.  hello jeans and sweaters!  the apples.  the peaceful feeling.  the  beauty of it.

6.  Best birthday you ever had?
 - oh idk.  i had a surprise birthday when i was little and then when i was 16.  but pretty much all of my birthdays have rocked.  i have awesome people in my life that love me.


Sunday Social


{we went to the mountains!}

lisa and i went to NH this past weekend with some friends.  i love NH.  specifically north conway.  i used to go up there with my first husband and i've always been in awe of how beautifully gorgeous the mountains are.  also, north conway is a super duper cute town.

i took a lot of pictures of two things.  the scenic pull off showing mt. washington in the distance and the river on the kancamagus highway where the covered bridge is.  that's it.  lol.  i didn't bust out my dslr for anything else.  i do have quite a bit of iphone pics of the rest of it though.

for now i'm going to share some pics of mt. washington.  this pull off is so pretty.  the whole scene is just awe inspiring. 



i love this little body of water over here.  it's just perfection isn't it?

even far away it's presence is amazingly huge.

i always bring stalker lens with me when we go to the mountains.  you can just see the tower thing that is on top of mt. washington here.


do you see that pretty house there?

i'm not actually sure if it's a house or a hotel.  ????  i really don't know.  but it's totally gorg huh?

just look at the amazing view they must have!!!

do you have any places that you just love to escape to?  someplace not so far away that you can go to on a whim?