weight loss takes hard work.  and determination.  i feel like i'm always battling the same weight.  writing the same post.  but now, it changes.  i've said that before and i meant it.  i mean it this time too. 

i'm not on a diet.  i'm changing my life.  making better decisions.  will they always be the right decision?  no.  like the macaroni and cheese and fresh out of the oven roll from panera bread that i ate this weekend.  or the three cupcakes i've eaten since then.

{two of these and one other kind. ;)}
Cupcake Charlie's

but today is a fresh start.  today i have my eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast.  today i have a salad for lunch.  today i start over.  today i get back on track. 

it isn't the determination to eat healthy that's hard.  it's the determination to not let those cupcakes or that mac and cheese defeat you.  that's the hard part.  but just because i chose to eat something that wasn't healthy, it doesn't mean i screwed up.  it doesn't mean i blew everything.  it doesn't mean that i failed and that i should give up.

it means i indulged.  life is all about indulgences.  it's determining which ones to indulge in and how often.  that's the important part.  that's the stickler.  so while i'm eating healthier and making better choices, i'm also taking a good look at how and when i indulge. 

{weight 2/23 230.6.  weight today 225.1.  down 5.5 pounds}

**this post was originally written on 3/19/13.  {i like to keep things in my drafts until i'm brave enough to hit publish}**


  1. keep up the great work Angela...and I fully agree...it's all about balance. I eat well during the week and allow splurges on the weekend. Gotta live :)

    1. that's ideally where i'd like to be once i hit my goal weight. until then the splurges will be more limited than that. thanks for the support!

  2. You can do it! I'm in the same boat, but if I can do it you can too! I'm dieting to be healthy and I've lost almost 30 pounds. I'm doing weight watchers. I don't go to meetings or pay any fees, I just use my mother-in-laws old stuff she bought a while back. My wife said she will love me no matter what and that's probably the hardest part of it all. But after 13 years of bouncing up and down in weight, I decided enough is enough. Good Luck on your journey! I'm following you on Bloglovin...can't wait to see future posts :)



    1. yay for losing 30 pounds! that's completely awesome! i love weight watchers but i feel like the new program doesn't work as well for as the old program. make sense? it is hard when you have someone who tells you that you're beautiful no matter what. makes eating the buttery popcorn much easier! and i'm following back on bloglovin'!

  3. Hey chica! I had to tell you how much determination can make or break you. Years... Years... I had written this very same post. Now I'm in control. You can do it, and if you stumble, it's just that... a stumble. Love you!

    1. thanks holly! it is just a stumble. that's what i'm trying to remember. thanks so much for your support! xoxoxo