{alone time with the biggest boy}

a couple of weeks ago i had a little bit of alone time with the oldest.  granted it was for his annual checkup, but it was still quality time together. 

here i am on my way and waiting in the office for him...

and i have him!

and at the office....

and before and after shots. he was brave. :)

it was nice to have him alone even if it was for something not so fun.  it was a bit of a drive so we got to chat.  he's a good kid.


{national coffee day}

also known as....the best day of the year!  i have a serious coffee addiction.  both consumption and photographical.  {is that a word????}  here are some of my favorite coffee {starbucks really} related shots.  :)


{Texturized}{The Bux}

New York

New YorkNew York

New York

From the drive-thruChocolate Cupcake.

What I see when I fill my addiction.

Doesn't even need a title.  36 (365)

My alter ego.  17 (365)

What makes me oh so happy.... 13 (365)

Kickin' it old school.

More barista.

The barista.Smile

For the love of....

{View from Below}{View from Above}

Hmmmmm 40 (365)

Yummy Donuty Goodness.

For Darren!

For AMY!

Mmmmm caramel.

At the Bucks.

Whole, Nonfat or Soy?

{by the dashboard light}

Dulce de Leche filled scone....{morning bun}

I'd be sooooo jealous!  54 (365)It's like a beacon calling me home.  55 (365)



day 4........green

My love.

sorry about all of that. i just couldn't decide so i chose the first five hundred i could find. and this was my myspace header at one time. remember myspace? yeah. me either. ;)
Possibly my next MySpace header.  ;)