{Living In the Moment...April}

This month I'm taking a little turn with my LITM post.  Typically I post little moments of our lives that I don't want to forget.  The details.  The everyday.  The normal.  In this month's post I have moments I don't want to forget.  I have details.  However, these moments are not everyday.  They are not normal.  At least for our part of the world.

This month I am sharing the pictures that I took of the Makeshift Memorial at the Boston Marathon finish line.  I will let the pictures do the talking but I do want to explain a bit of the feeling.  Sure there is plenty of feeling in these but I'm talking about the feeling while standing there next to hundreds of strangers looking at the memorial.

As we approached the area everything was blocked off.   And unexpectedly everything was untouched to how it was left on Monday.  There was trash everywhere in the buffer zone.  Everything needed to be left exactly as is for evidence.  There were blocks and blocks of "crime scene".  It was very eerie to say the least.  And once we got to the spot where the main memorial was there was silence.  Sure there were people talking but it wasn't the normal sound level of the city.  People were crying, hugging each other, standing and staring, standing with their eyes closed, taking pictures and just feeling.

There were two veteran volunteers manning the memorial while we were there.  I wrote a post about the man with the dog here.  They had people hang flags and assisted them in finding a spot for the items that they brought.  There was a little boy there that brought up a flower and then got some love from the man's dog.  It was innocent and sweet and just the kind of moment that we all needed.

I have a lot pictures this month.  Please forgive me.  Also please check out Melissa's LITM post this month.





































{Oh Hey, it's Tuesday}

Hey guys!  I wanted to start talking about our weekends more in detail especially since we'll be starting our Summer Bucket List soon!  So this may or may not become a reoccurring post.  :)  I did share some of these pics in my InstaFriday post but you don't mind.  Right??

This weekend we started it off by going to a Red Sox game on Friday night.  Lisa's work got a bunch of tickets from a higher up manager for being awesome so we got a babysitter (Thanks Jen!) and headed up to Boston.  Lisa said it was going to be chilly but I thought, how cold can it be?  So I chose cute over function.  As usual.  She was right.  I was wrong.  It was ass chilling. 


The Red Sox won.  They also had an insane amount of Home Runs.  Seriously.  I thought they were supposed to be hard to get?  They had at least four and one guy had two.  That doesn't seem like something that's so difficult.  Hmmmmmm.  But the Fenway Franks were delicious and BOGO.  So that rocks.  Also we got the kids some cute t-shirts.  And I got a new Alex and Ani bracelet.  Pictured below.  Which btw, I'm kinda pissed about.  The disc bracelets are usually like $28 bucks.  So when Lisa asked if I wanted it, yeah sure.  It wasn't on my have to have list but I figured I might as well.  Right?  Well as we were walking into the bathroom Lisa informed me that it was $45.  Whuck???  (Word of the day which means what the fuck courtesy of Rants From Mommy Land)  I totally should have returned it.  If they took returns.  At least now I'll know to check the price and not assume.  You know what they say about people who assume....


Saturday I went to dinner with my Mom and my sisters.  It's been years since we've gone out together just us.  Way too long.  I hope to do it more often for sure.  It was a good time and all day prior I kept thinking to myself that I needed to get a picture of all of us.  You think I did?  Nope.  Oh well.  Next time!  I did take a picture of this painting.  This is at the Hearth and Kettle which I haven't been to in probably ten years.  Yup, those paintings are still there.  Also I drove by my childhood home.  Or at least the house we stayed in the longest.  If you ask me where I grew up, Plymouth MA in this house but there were a lot of houses in a lot of towns before this one. 


Sunday we brought the kids to their first Providence Bruins game.  It was a lot of fun!  When we told them that morning that we were going, they weren't too enthusiastic.  But they seemed to love it.  Especially the boys!  The game even went into overtime and we gave the kids the choice of staying or going.  The only one who said "I want to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" was Izz.  Naturally.  Lol.


Bailey really got into it and said that he wanted to watch hockey forever now.  He was even video taping parts with his iPod.  Ian got really into trying to get on the jumbo screen but he was too shy so Bailey helped him towards the end.  They never did make it up there but I'm sure they will next time.  Isobel really could have cared less but enjoyed the snacks.  And Chloe said she had fun.


We had hot dogs, french fries, popcorn and fried dough.  Mmmmmmmmm fried dough.  It's been YEARS and it needs to not be that long again.  So yummy.  So very yummy.  In fact my mouth is watering right now.  And I'm sure yours is too.  It's ok.  I won't tell. 

Just look at these kids dancing. Chloe even got in on the action. How can you not put these cuties up on the jumbo screen?


{Look at me like you love me}

My children are very silly when I'm taking pics of them.  Unless they are in a really cooperative mood, angry or sad I will get cheesy smiles or goofy faces. 


I *may* have found something that works. I told them to "look at me like they love me". And I got these...


Perfect huh?  So precious.