it's those darn cupcakes again.

we love us some cupcake charlie's...it's no secret.  a few weekends ago we went and saw Cars 2 and then got cupcakes.  isobel and i loved the first half of Cars 2.  lol.  it was her first movie and she did very well.  i didn't mind having to take her out of the theater.  then lisa and the kids enjoyed the whole movie.  while i was in the parking lot with izz, that pesky cupcake charlie's fod (flavor of the day) post came into my fb newsfeed.  well the fod in mashpee was bananas foster.  whuck???  omg.  i n.e.e.d.e.d. one.  thankfully lisa is very understanding of my fat girl tendencies and humors me always.  so we were off.  prepare yourself for some of the yummiest looking cupcakes ever.  :)

here is a shot of my bananas foster cupcake. i was longing for this cupcake because i LOVE bananas foster. i remember visiting my family in oregon with my mom when i was 15. we travelled down the oregon coast to the oregon aquarium. that night, we were at the hotel and i got asked if i wanted to go to dinner with the adults. ummmmmm yeah. food. so i went and for desert i got bananas foster. they came over to the table and made it in front of me. fire and all. it was to this day the most delicious thing i've ever eaten. so this cupcake, brought me right back and it was deliciously awesome.

here are some pics of the kids and their respective cupcakes.

the most precious part of the day may have been this.....

or quite possibly this.....

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