{Why Santa Came to Our House on Easter}

Or, how to get your kid to give up the damn pacifier already.  And yes, bribing was involved.

I'm not sure if I ever even blogged about it but at Christmas we had talked to Miss Isobel about giving up her pacifiers. We told her that if she left them underneath the Christmas tree that Santa would bring her a special present for them. Then we asked her what she wanted. Lala Loopsy House! Ok. So said house was purchased ehhhhhm made by Santa. As Christmas approached it became clear that it wasn't gonna happen. Isobel's response to the paci situation being brought up reminded me of an ecard or other internet meme.

time 2

But we held on to that house and Santa left Isobel a little note.  It basically said, "I had your house but you didn't leave your pacis so Boo Hoo to you."  Not really though.  It simply stated that when she was ready she could mail her paci's to Santa in this self adressed envelope {Isn't "Santa" clever?} and he would have an elf deliver her LaLa Loopsy House that night.


This envelope has been hanging around ever since.  And that house was hidden in the back of our closet.  Finally right before Easter we got her to go to bed without her paci a couple of times.  It didn't last the whole night but she went to bed without it.  Winning!  We brought up the topic again and she was game.  She put all her paci's from our house in the envelope and then when she went to her Dad's that night she put those in too.  I wish I got pics of her putting them in, but oh well.  And that was that.  I "mailed" the package to Santa for her and the next morning when they came home her LaLa Loopsy House was waiting.







She has asked for her paci's since but it's been more of a "I wish I had my paci but Santa has it" rather than a "Go get my paci from wherever you hid it Bitch!".  We told her for months before hand that when those ones were gone, that was it.  They didn't sell them in the stores anymore.  So sending them to Santa was the most genius thing we've ever done. 

That or she's the genius for holding out and getting an extra gift on Easter. 


  1. Aww, thanks so cute!!!! I love the mailing it away idea!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. Ahh... Lalaloopsy :)

    PS I have a plethora of LPS all over my damn house!