{the summer bucket list is coming!}

last year we made a family summer bucket list.  we crossed a lot of stuff off and it was a ton of fun! 
you can sign up for free over at {the happy family movement}

you can see our list from last year here!

summer bucket list

we will make a new one this year. we'll keep some of the stuff we loved to do again and we'll also keep all the stuff we didn't yet complete.

we made friendship bracelets in this post.

we had a birthday party at the Y in this post.

we made s'mores in the driveway in this post.

we played simon says in our jammies in this post.

we went to a dairy queen for the first time in this post.

we went on a nature "hike" in this post.

this is just a sampling of what we did this summer. please tell me that you're gonna sign up for the summer bucket list!

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  1. I LOVE bucket lists! We made one last summer too but didn't get to mark off nearly as much as I wanted to with Grace being so little. I hadn't thought to add the stuff we missed to this summer's list - thank you for the idea! The graphic you used to display your list looks awesome. I guess I better get started on ours. :)

    Here's last summers list ~