{Eggs, Salsa and Turkey Bacon Breakfast}


I've been eating a lot of eggs while trying to lose weight. Eggs aren't that great for your cholesterol so I've been doing two egg whites to one full egg to try to cut down on yolks. I've also been eating a TON of turkey bacon. Butterball has a great one called "everday" or something like that. That's what is in the pic. It's cut really thin so it actually gets crispy. I'll actually cook up three pounds at a time and keep it in the fridge.  When I want some I just toss it in the microwave for a few seconds on a paper towel and it stayscrispy.  We had quesadillas a couple of times before I made this breakfast so it's a bit mexican inspired.


3 eggs scrambled with a touch of water {2 egg whites and one full egg}
2 pinches of reduced fat mexican cheese
2 tablespoons of Archer Farms summer fruit salsa
1 Fajita tortilla shell heated in a skillet with a touch of butter  {or you can stick it in your toaster to crisp it up}
6 slices of turkey bacon

I whip the eggs with a touch of water and cook them over medium high heat. Right before they're done I throw in the salsa and the cheese and let it all get warm. Then I spooned it over the tortilla. When I ate it, I rolled it all up like a soft taco. Yummmmm!

p.s. I'm not a food blogger or a food photographer so bare with me!

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