target....a great place for a photo shoot?

i take pictures everywhere. so obviously target is included in that. here are just a few of my faves. :)



i love taking reflection photos. mirrors, windows, etc. you'll be seeing a mirror post soon. for now, here is my baby girl {yeah yeah. i know she's 6. she's still my babe} and i in a glass window at the kingston mall.

allergies....they suck.

it seems that my poor handsome pants {ian} is allergic to our guinea pig nutmeg. he was playing with her before we left for bailey's basketball game. we got to the game a bit early so we were sitting in the parking lot for a bit.
what? you don't spend your time taking self photos????

so then ian comes up behind me....whiney but he loves to take pics with mommy, so perfect opp to get him in on one....
what? your eye isn't supposed to look like that? so obviously the poor kid needed some benadryl....fast. with the allergies my kids have i should have benadryl on me at all times. {if not own stock in it}. but alas, my mommy of the year award is in the mail...with the benadryl for my purse, so off to Shaw's we went. we then went directly to lisa's mom's house because she lives right there. i wanted to make sure we washed his hands well and got him some ice for his eye.
this was his eye about an hour later.
and this was almost three hours later. i'm not sure why he looks so crazy special here.
this was a bit later while watching tv.


fancy shmancy disney pics.

i tried to get some artistic shots on our last disney trip. i took A.L.O.T. of pics but i didn't want to be behind the camera and miss out first hand on all the oooohs and ahhhhhs so most of the pics i took are just snaps. here are some of the fancier shots i took. :)

p.s.  these were all edited using a Haze action from an awesomesauce lady named Jude Wood.  Here is a link to her site....Check them out!

i LOVE all the pinkness. i can't wait until someday when i can print these up for the girls room. :)


it's just plain awesomesauce!

i'm going to start a new common post called "it's just plain awesomesauce"! i see stuff {mostly at target cause i spend ALL of my life there} all the time that just rocks. so now, i'm going to smush it all on you!

the first installment consists of the best shirt ever. it's for little girls so there's no way it will even fit the left side of me but if it were women's i'd be wearing it right now. i'm still not convinced i don't need it. maybe i can make something out of it....right?!?!

so here it is....

how awesomesauce is this shirt? i really kind of hope chloe wants it when we go school shopping. ;)

two things i love....together!

i'm sure you don't know this about me but i love cupcakes. lol. really though, i bet you didnt' know that i love vinylmations. they are the cutests little figures from none other than good old walt disney. i found out today that the new series is based off of cupcakes. they are the cutest things ever. now to find them on ebay.....

the only thing that would make these better is if they came with an actual cupcake. ;)


swansea target....vig night!

whenever a new target store gets ready to open they have what they call "vig" night.  or very important guest night.  lisa is opening the new swansea store and she asked me to come and take some pics of everything.  here are some of the personal shots.  i'll share the others later.  :)

i know bay is blurry in this, but i just love the interaction. :)

and this isn't in focus either....but we're just too damn cute!

jess and will (and john) were there too. :)


weekly polaroid fix.... {mr. happy}

this is the very first installment of "weekly polaroid fix".  these aren't real polaroids unfortunately.  they are fauxlaroids.  or poladroids.  you can install this awesome app HERE!

polaroids make me feel like the photos are from my childhood.  even though we didn't have a polaroid growing up.

i'm going to try to do themes each week.  this week is ian.  {mr. happy}

these are old shots of ian. when i took them i had one or two keepers. but toss them in poladroid, and they are all swoon worthy. i love them as a set so i'm gonna show you all of them. :)



beaching it.

this was my first trip to the beach this summer. the kids have been a few times. both lisa and crissy (the sitter) have taken them on their own. they are much braver women than i. enjoy. :)

lizzy and chloe decided to bury chloe in the sand...


me and the boy. it's hard to take self pics with the 50mm. just sayin'.


this happened a lot. ian actually pulled me along for a while. glad there's no pics of that.