{New Kids on the Block is crossed off the Life List}

So guys, and gals, I don't know if you know but I have a Life List.  I'm pretty sure you don't know cause I haven't posted it yet.  I know, I'm smart.  But I do have one.  And seeing NKOTB in concert is on it.  Or WAS on it.  Bammmmmm!

It might seem silly to some but I've been dying to see them ever since Donnie sang Hanging Tough to me when I was 8.  I have fond memories of that album.  I remember riding in the car and singing all the songs at the top of my lungs with my sister and the children of a friend of my mom's.  I also remember hanging on the swing-set upside down while visiting my dad and singing Hanging Tough.  I thought I was so smart.  ;)

It seemed like everyone I knew went and saw NKOTB in concert.  They were the first band that I remember kids my age going to see.  I always wanted to go but my Mom just wasn't in a position to make that happen.

Then I grew up and they toured with The Backstreet Boys.  NKOTBSB.  Brilliant.  But, I was pregnant.  And I was under the impression that pregnant ladies shouldn't go to ear screeching loud as hell concerts where forty year old ladies would scream "Take it all off" to forty year old men.  I was wrong.  Apparently it's ok cause there were quite a few ladies with buns in the ovens.  Maybe a few more that there were with walking canes.  But that's up for debate.

I was told I couldn't take my camera in. What the lady didn't know is that my big ass stalker lens was hidden in the bottom of my purse wrapped up in my mickey shirt. So I went over to the nice old lady who was checking stuff. On a side note, how cool is it that they check stuff for you instead of making you throw it away or fend for yourself? So I asked the nice unknowing old lady if it would be ok to check just the lens since the camera wouldn't work without it anyways. Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh. So I checked my lens and stuffed the camera in my purse.

We went to our seats and enjoyed Boyz II Men something fierce. They rocked Mowtown Philly like it was 1991 again. I taped a bit of it here for you. You're welcome.

So that was awesome. Obviously.

Then 98* came out. {I did the * cause I don't know how to do the actual circle thing}. Oh well. And they, well, let's just say I could have lived without seeing them. No biggie. I was just never really a fan. I think I was too old when they came out.

And then, it happened. Two whole hours of it and I was in heaven. I did bust out my camera with the big old lens for them. Although I didn't take as many as I'd like cause I was scared of getting caught by the old lady. ;)

Also, there's a shit ton of pics here.  Sorry, not sorry.



The stage rose up which brought them closer cause we were high up and kind of far away but still, good seats.

There's a lot of pics of Donnie in here.  I guess he's my favorite.  I love his glasses. 

I love that guy off to left.  He looks like he's giving him the stink eye!



They went up on these pillars a couple of times.

Jonathan was not happy and looked terrified.  lol.


The confetti was awesome but they never swept it off the stage so for the rest of the show the mom in me was waiting for one of them to fall and smash their face open.  I know.  I'm nuts like that.




I like Joey too.

Please Don't Go Girl!



They slowed it down for a set.  I liked that they bunched all the slow songs together and did shorter versions of them.





And then they got their dance on like they were 14 again.







At one point Donnie went to put his shirt back on and the whole arena booed.  Seriously.  So he threw it on the ground and they cheered and then he took Danny's shirt and everyone went crazy. 


Donnie seems like a real character and showed it here by drinking one of the ladies beers.  The average age had to be in the 30's or 40's.  It was the first concert I went to that didn't have a bunch of teenagers.  We even saw this older woman rocking the neon and her cane.


But as old as they are, they still rock the house down.  For two hours straight they went and it was awesome.

At the end Donnie said they would do one more song but only if we all agreed to be from Boston for it.  They opened with Dirty Water and went into Hanging Tough.  Also, they busted out the Boston Strong shirts.  It was epic.  Yup.  I just used that word to describe a NKOTB performance.









And here is Hanging Tough. You're welcome again. I wish I had got it all, but alas, at least we have this gem.

A very special thank you to Lisa who made my dream of seeing NKOTB come true.  Things are slowly getting checked off my Life List and they're all because of you.  I love you and appreciate everything you do for me on a daily basis.  Not just the big stuff.  I'm a lucky lady to have you in my life.  xoxoxo


  1. Those pictures are amazing!!! You need to add a nkotb cruise to your life list and join us next year if nkotb have one.which donnie said they would continue ;)

  2. Oh I can't wait!!!! We see them June 29 in OKC! I feel like a kid again every time I go. I'm so glad you finally got to experience this!

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I can tell it's your 1st show or you would know everyone sneaks their cameras in!! This summer will be my 5th time, and I have GREAT pics from all but the show where I sat in the nose bleeds!!! Sounds like you had a good time!! I am sad for you that you missed them in 08' & 09' those were some pretty great shows!! I saw them with BSB, and it was pretty amazing, but the shows where they perform alone are the best!! Can't wait for July 20 to get here for my BFF & I to go again!!!

  4. so happy to hear this is on your list and that you had such a great time!! I have lost count of the times I have seen them.......never enough! Your pics are awesome! Thx for sharing!

  5. I saw NKOTBSB two years ago when they came to Uniondale, NY. When I heard they were coming back, I bought tickets as soon as I could. The very first time I saw them, I was probably 8 or 9 and Ive been hooked on them ever since. Your pictures are amazing and Im glad you were able to see them. They do put on an EPIC show...

  6. Awesome pictures! Glad u finally got to see them. I being going to their concerts since I'm 16 and will continue to go until their done. Just saw them on Saturday ( June 1 ) Miss them already. Hope u get to more concerts. They still got " The Right Stuff!"
    Thanks again for your awesome pictures

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  8. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the heads up as I'm seeing them this Friday in Toronto and like knowing what to expect I have not missed a concert since the come back in 2008 they have truly grown since I saw them way back when I was 14 and put on an amazing concert for all us mommy's that deserve a night out!

  9. Thanks for sharing, I like having a heads up what to expect as Im seeing them this Friday in Toronto! And I havent missed a concert since their come back in 2008. Such a difference when I saw them at 14, there bigger and better

  10. You are an awesome blogger! I love NKOTB and am happy that I have got to see them a few times. My friends made fun of me when I always told them (since I saw them in 1991 as a 6th grader) if they ever have a reunion tour, I will be there, I didn't care if I had to stand in line in the rain or snow for tickets! And guess what, they have and I was! I've seen them twice since they started back up again, and get to see them with the Package Tour in OKC June 19th! CHEERS TO THE FOREVER BLOCKHEADS!!!!

  11. when was this on june 2nd or 3rd. i love the pics that u took. i was there on june 2nd

  12. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to see NKOTB for the first time on July 9th! I too wasn't able to go when I was a kid, AND I was pregnant during their NKOTBSB concert and thought I shouldn't go for the same reasons you did! Ha! To be honest, I have no excuse for not going to their reunion tour. I just wasn't paying attention. I have no idea where my head was at. Now I'm totally obsessed again and can't wait to go! Now, to win me some M&G passes...

  13. Amazing photos!!! I was at the 6/2 Boston Concert and my camera died :( My phone didn't take any good pics, you're really lucky! Watching them live is definitely bucket list worthy, they are amazing! Glad you got to see them! Thank you for sharing your story and photos with us.

  14. I know I'm late on commenting on this gem of a blog post but I was a certified blockhead stalker! Went to one too many concerts outside of my zip code and state! Bumped into the DannyWood in Miami one too many times here and even hung out with him and my friends during the many fundraisers we held. But sigh...alas...I reminisced my days but I tell you, it was a blast meeting them and so many people!
    This last tour was pretty awesome! and your pics are pretty freaking amazeballz as well!!! If you get a chance, search for my crazy posts from them...haha.