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The August Break 2013


{8-23-13...Happy Birthday Dad}



The August Break 2013

{100 Quilts, 100 Kids}

Hey guys!  My friend Melissa over at insert sarcastic remark here is raising money over at Indiegogo to be able to make 100 quilts for 100 kids.  Isn't that freaking awesome?!  Can you even imagine taking on a project that huge?  That means that much.  Even just the size of the project...100 HOMEMADE quilts.  She's amazing y'all.

This is a little bit about why she's doing it....

"About two years ago a friend of mine made me a small lap quilt (pictured above). I've slept with this quilt just about every night since I received it. We're like Linus and his blanket. It gives me comfort and it helps keep me warm. If I've had a not so great day I can ball up underneath and the world disappears. It's the one constant in all the changes that take place every day.
I want to share this comfort with kids in need. Foster kids who pass from house to house, sick kids in the hospital who long for the comfort of home, kids who have little or nothing because that's just the hand they've been dealt. I want to give them something that is just for them, that will bring them comfort and warmth.
Why a handmade quilt and not just any old blanket from the store you ask? A lot of time and care goes into making a blanket. Each blanket like each kid is unique. A handmade blanket is their own and no other kid will have one just like it. A handmade blanket shows a kid that someone cared enough to do something just for them."

You can pledge all different amounts.  And every little bit helps.  Please go over and check it out and help a kid get a homemade quilt of their own.


{Stretch Marks}

I am a fair skinned woman who had four kids. I'm sure it's no big surprise that I have quite a few stretch marks across my abdomen. It is? Well, you're sweet. A liar. But sweet. I'm also sure that I got a few when I gained a bunch of extra weight recently. As in the last few years. But that's ok. Because I've been working on that and I've been doing alright for myself in that department.

Anyways, today I decided to get a couple of quick miles in at home before we went to the beach using my "Walk at Home" dvd. I was in my yoga pants and sports bra Whatevs} when Bay came out of his room and said to me "Mommy, you don't have as many stretch marks as you used to." I knew there was a reason he was my favorite at one point. JK. But seriously, that made me feel really good about myself. I'm doing ok. I'm doing okey dokey here.

So I finished my workout feeling really good about myself. If a teenage boy who didn't want anything specific at that moment noticed enough to say something then I must really be doing alright for myself. Right?


Cut to the kitchen. I was standing at the sink still in my pants and sports bra and Izz comes up to me. Deep intake of breath like she just saw something horrible - "Mommy, WHAT happened to you?????" as she pointed to my stretchmarks. "Oh, those are just stretchmarks babe. You get them when you have babies." I replied. "Oh ok." She said. And then, she started touching them one by one and counting them. COUNTING THEM!. I walked away at seven.

As if it couldn't get any worse Chloe chimed in with angst and disgust which I will give her credit for at least trying to cover up in her voice. "Does that mean that Izz and me will get them too???" "No, not everyone gets them'" I said. "Oh, GOOD!" She exhaled.

Damn. I was feeling really good.



The August Break 2013