{What is your biggest regret?}

My biggest regret has always been not going to college after high school.  I got swept up in grown up life too soon.

When I graduated high school my family was homeless.  We weren't homeless because of my mother's inability to pay rent.  It was a lot more complicated than that.  We were basically put out on the street by our landlord.  The week of my graduation my family was staying at a motel type place on the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne.  But before that actual week were had all been separated.  There wasn't any one place we could all stay at big enough to keep us all.  My mom rented month by month cottage type places when she could and we stayed with Aunts and our Grandmother some.  But we were homeless a good portion of my senior year.  This made focusing on school difficult.  How do we pay for school when we don't even have a home?   What address do I put on my applications?

I know that the choices I made were not the right ones.  If I could go back and change one thing about decisions I have made in life it would be this one.  I chose to go off with my boyfriend at the time.  We lived in a tent for the summer.  We got married.  We got pregnant.  Then we got an apartment.  The rest is history.  There's no time for college when you have to survive on your own that young.  Well, I'm sure for some people there is, but not for me.  Not at that time.

I saw this video today on Facebook and it made me tear up. I'll let you watch it before I say anymore...

The whole time I was watching this I was thinking to myself.  Mine WOULD have been "Not going to college".  So I ask you what is your biggest regret? Does it start with "Not"? If so, what are you doing to fix it? I get some regrets are just in the past and not so much fixable. But a lot of them can be fixed.

 I am currently enrolled in school. I'm making a my regret a clean slate. It won't be the same. I won't get the same experience as I would have if I went when I was fresh out of high school. But it's something. Something I'm so proud of. I love showing my children that it's never too late to make your dreams a reality. Never.


{It's the little things}

It's the little things in life right?  Today is my day off from work but I have sooooooo much homework to finish.  I also have to renew my driver's license before my birthday on Tuesday.  So off to Plymouth I've gone.  I finished at the registry.  I even kept my old picture so i can forever be five years younger if only in my license picture.  I also registered to vote.  Now I have been registered to vote before but I never knew where I was supposed to go.  I know that's no excuse but I've taken care of it now.  Cause a vote against Trump is a vote that I need to make.  lol.

Now back to the little things.  Right now I am sitting at a Panera bread getting ready to do homework.  Like a REAL college student.  Ha!  I don't know what it is I've just always pictured myself sitting at a coffee house studying.  A quintessential college kid.  Well, not so much kid....Quintessential college student.

Now back to all this homework.....


{Shopping for Mother's Day}

I think I have more posts in my drafts than I actually have published.  Do you do that at all?  Just start stuff and never finish?  Well while I'm eager to get back into blogging, it's really not an easy time to do that.

4 kids + working full time + starting college + planning a wedding = NO TIME TO BLOG.

But I really want to so on top of trying to blog new stuff when I can, I'm going to start pulling all this stuff out of the drafts folder.

This post is from May 2014.  The kids are so little here but so completely the same that it warms my heart.  We were shopping for Lisa for Mother's Day although looking at the pictures it seems as if the kids thought they were shopping for themselves!

















{Family Photo Captioned}

This post is soooooooo old.  It's been in my drafts folder forever.  I just found it and remembered how hilarious I think it is.  Maybe you will too.  Anyone that tries to take family pictures using a timer can relate.  It also reminds me that we are in desperate need of a family photo.  For reals.










{I said Yes to the Dress!}

This past Sunday I went dress shopping with my sister Jessica and my FMIL Christine.  Chloe also came with us.  It was so very overwhelming.  But fun!  I have been wedding dress shopping twice before.  Once when Lisa and I first got engaged and once when I was engaged to John.  I however have never worn a wedding dress.  I know right?  How can you be married twice prior and not have worn a wedding dress you ask?  Good question.  The first time I got married I was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger hooded grey sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers.  Classsssssssy.  The second time I got married I wore a beautiful dress from Macy's.

Anyway, we went to a store called Party Dress Express first.  I thought that maybe it would have fairly affordable dresses.  I was wrong.  They were all designer gowns.  Gorgeous, but expensive.  They did however have my dream dress.  Those of you that have gone dress shopping know what I'm talking about.  You get engaged.  You buy every wedding magazine known to man and then you start bookmarking pages.  I remember the day I found my dream dress like it was yesterday.  My dad was in the hospital having surgery and we were waiting for him.  I found this dress and was instantly in love.

From the Allure website...

This English net ballgown features a delicate cap sleeve and gorgeously beaded bodice. 

Isn't it just perfect?  Really you had me at English net.  They had it there but it was NOT my size.  I needed a size 18 or 20 and it was a 10.  The woman helping me said that if I could get it over my hips she could help me figure out what it would look like.  You better believe I got that dress on!  And I loved it.  Unfortunately it was waaaaaaaay out of my price range.  We ended up leaving that store and heading over to David's Bridal.

This is where I said Yes!  I found the most gorgeous gown.  I put it on, looked in the mirror and ugly cried.  It's so damn pretty and I feel so damn beautiful in it.  I'm not going to explain much to y'all cause Lisa reads the blog.  But omg.  I can't wait to share pictures!  I do also have pictures of all the dresses that I didn't get and I will share those at some point in the future.

So, did you have a dream dress?  And did you get that dress or go with something else and why?



{I'm officially a college student}

After I graduated from high school I got married and had a baby.  Just like that.  That quickly.  While I would never ever change that because it gave me my sweet Bailey, it is one of my biggest regrets in life.  I have always wished that I somehow was able to go to college too.  I didn't realize how important college was until it was too late.

But you know what it's never too late....

And I'm a college student.  Whoop whoop!

So, I'm officially a college student.  I'm all registered for classes at a local community college.  I start on Monday.  What?????  I always knew that I would go back to school someday.  I've never really knew what I wanted to do though.  I still don't.  Ha!

Lisa's mom suggested I try medical coding and billing.  Alot of what it entails is interesting to me so I said, why not?  It's just a certificate program to start.  29 credits.  I've got this.  Right??

I had orientation earlier this week and that was, well, useless.  lol.  But Lisa and I went down to the school today and I got the books I need for this semester and a backpack.  A backpack!  It felt so official walking around campus with a backpack.

This is one of the most terrifying things I've done in life but I know it will also be one of the most rewarding.