{happy halloween}

happy halloween all!  this year we had a patriots cheerleader, mario, minnie mouse and a scary skeleton.  lisa and i took the kids out on saturday to a halloween event in town since they are with dad this year on halloween.  plus it's much easier to grab pics of them when they aren't dying to run to the neighbor's house for candy.  ;)
halloween 1a
bay costume
chloe costume
ian costume
izz costume
all costume

getting ready to head out....

these are random shots while we were out. it was a trick or treating event in the plaza that i work in.
then we went to lowes for some weathering supplies :)
lowes has a ton of christmas stuff up already. {my kind of store}


{blast from the past 2}

it says that this was taken on 8/4/2008. that means he was 9. he's 12 now. that date must be wrong. there's no way that this picture that it seems like i just took yesterday was really three years ago.

{and just because the greens are so awesome}


{weight loss/a sloooooooow week}

i only lost .4 pounds this week.  but i'm still happy with it.  i ate like i didn't know the meaning of the word diet last weekend.  it was fabulous.  although, if i'm being honest i still made healthy {er} choices.  we went to legal seafood and instead of getting my typical fish and chips, i got chicken, steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.  then at not your average joe's i got a cheeseburger but instead of fries i got salad.  :)  which was really only to make me not feel bad about the three pieces of bread i had.

i still am on a work out hiatus.  this cold sucks.  it's just that lingering cough but that cough sends my asthma into a tizzy.  so yeah.  i'm gonna try some light working out today.  we'll see how it goes.  :)

love this pic.  threw it in the "shake it" app on my phone.

{6.2/25...getting there}

{insta-friday 10/28}

here is another insta-friday. love it. :) i took something like 155 pictures this week so grab a cup of coffee and get comfy. lisa and i went away last weekend. we went to boston for the night and hung out with some insanely awesome friends. then on saturday we went to salem and newburyport. i did have my dslr but didn't really use it. i'm such a sucker for hipstamatic. so your coffee done? ok. here we go.  and btw...notice how lisa got in on the feet pictures.  she secretly loves them.  :)

first of all, this is ridiculous...

ian likes my hat. and he just might look cuter in it than i do. ;)

on our way!

lisa and i got there early so we headed to the boston marriott long wharf and grabbed coffee.




we had dinner at legal sea foods. :)


we went on a ghost tour.

saturday lisa and i headed out.


lisa and i played rummy...she killed me.

i had my first eggnog gingerbread latte. it was heaven. the only thing that could make it better is that beautiful holiday cup....

i had another coffee date yesterday. They came by to show me ian's book that he made at school. the class makes a version of brown bear and they put pictures of each kid on the pages and then they get to take it home with a copy of the real book and a stuffed brown bear. they get to keep it for one night and then they bring it back for the next kid. :)


i painted my nails. black. i never paint my finger nails. but i kind of love it. i think it makes me look like a bad ass. lol.


this was quite a long post.  but it's not like i didn't warn you.  ;)

life rearranged