{wedding planning}

Wedding planning is stressful yo.  Geez you would think that after two marriages I would have it down, but, no.  My first marriage didn't involve a "wedding" and my second marriage was a very small intimate wedding. So this is all new.  And stressful.  Did I mention it's a bit stressful? 

Here are some pics of some of the venues we have looked at so far.  I think we have one picked out but we are not 100% yet.

We've been to a gorgeous wedding at this venue.  It's got a lot of great perks.  The outdoor ceremony space being a huge one of them.  Right now this is my #2...
Visiting wedding venues this week.  #lisaandangelaareweddingplanning #stressful

We've never been to a wedding here but I fell in love with it from pictures I found online.  We went and looked at it and loved it.  It's so unique and the lights is ahhhhhhhmazing.  The outdoor ceremony space lacked seriously and the price just isn't right for us.  So this is not happening....

We've also never been to a wedding here but I love this place.  It's a lot smaller than it looks in photos that I saw online but you really can't go wrong with white lights and wooden beams.  The outdoor space is tolerable.  Right now this is #1 for me....
Wedding venue shopping. #lisaandangelaareweddingplanning

All opinions in this post are my own and do not reflect at all on how Miss Lisa feels about these venues.  ;)


{Halloween & Fall Decorations}

I haven't posted much but yesterday an old post popped up in my Facebook memories and it made me remember how much I miss blogging. So I'm trying to get back into it….again. lol.

We decorated the house this weekend for Halloween and Fall.  Fall is by far my favorite season.  My favorite part has to be the scarecrow family.  Two mommy scarecrows and four kid scarecrows.  Perfect.  :) The kids had so much fun decorating and I love it when the house looks festive.











Also I hope this embed thing works with Flickr. Last time I tried, it failed. Let me know.


{I'm Alive! I swear…}

In my head I keep saying "Hey you!  Yeah, you.  You need to blog already."

And then, I don't.

Seriously though, I have 100 drafts on here.  Some of them are really good.  Some not so good.  Mostly though a lot of them are things that I would never ever hit publish on.  Sometimes it just feels good to write.  Just for me.

Maybe, someday I'll write for you too.



{weight loss}

Yesterday was our first weigh in. I was really good about not getting on the scale during the week.  I got on once in a forgetful-out-of-habit moment.  

I'm down 1.7 pounds.  And super happy about it.  On top of completing the first week of Bikini Body Mommy I've also started tracking my calories everyday and  wearing my fit bit.  Yesterday I also started my Pact app up again in order to hold myself more accountable. 

Isn't that hilarious????  Lisa sent that to me a couple of days ago. Love it. 


{Life Lately - 5/17/15}

In the fall all three little kids played soccer.  This time only Chloe wanted to play. We have two practices a week plus her game. 

We have soooooo many gorgeous flowers at our house.  The previous owner did such a wonderful job.  It's so exciting to see the new things that bloom each day. 

Mommy, take my picture over here!

We also have this to die for rock wall lining our driveway. 

I love that she loves to read so much. 

The kids have been playing outside non-stop since the weather has been nice!

Leave it to these tow to find an electronic device to play with in a book store.  Geeesh. 

This one loved all the actual books.  

This kid. Slays me. He's the best at honoring me and my selfies. 

My dad came down last weekend andBailey  went fishing.  We needed to all go check out the dock. 

When we bought the house we weren't planning on keeping the hot tub.  Everyone said "just wait, as soon as you get in it you'll keep it". They were right!  This was the littles first time in. They loved it. 

{here we go again}

I think many of us start and stop this journey over and over again throughout our lives. It's not something to be ashamed of. You just need to be willing to start again. I'm not embarrassed that I have tried and failed many times before. It's all about moving on. So, here we go again.

I have signed up for the Bikini Body Mommy 90 challenge.  Do I expect to have a "bikini body" at the end of all this?  NO. lol. But I do expect to be stronger.  Hopefully a little smaller, but stronger is my top goal. 

I have finished week 1 and I already feel better and stronger than I did on day 1.  This is a free program open to everyone. You don't need to want an actual bikini body or even be a mommy to join.  It's hard.  Really hard. Join in with me?!

Btw here is my "before" pic. They make you take a before pic as well as measurements every week.  I'm down almost two pounds week 1 and I am super excited to see what week 2 has to offer.  

Sure I'm cute, but I've got some ways to go in the strength department.  :)


{Cinderella Castle Waterlogue}

I love Waterlogue. It's so much fun. During our last Disney trip, I did not take my "real" camera with me. GASP! I know right? So I only had my iphone. This is one of three pics I snapped of Cinderella's castle. I love it as a water color painting.

Wish I were here today.  #magickingdom #waterlogue #waltdisneyworld

Do you Waterlogue?


{The Metro}

This is from our trip waaaaaaaaay back when. The Metro in DC is beautiful. The T in Bostons got nothing on it.






{Lilacs…not all the sad scary drafts}

I haven't been here in a while. Ok. Forever. I just came back and was looking through some drafts. I guess there's a reason why most of them aren't posted. Lots of sad scary stuff that's even scarier to share. I guess I come here and type the things I can't always talk about. But who wants to hear that sad stuff???

So for now, here's some lilacs. My favorite flower. I hope to see lilacs some day soon instead of ALL. THIS. SNOW! We've hit over 100 inches here where I live this Winter. Gross.