{let's party it up!}

april 13-20 is the ultimate blog party 2012 over at {5 minuts for mom}.  i found out about this party through my new blogger buddy {andrea}.  i am always looking for new blogger buddies and this seems like a perfect way to get myself out there!  :)

i'm supposed to introduce myself.  here's me.  in a nut shell.

my name is angela.
i am engaged to my beautiful fiancé lisa.
this will be my third marriage but first to a woman.
we have four kids.  two girls and two boys.
i like to take pictures.  at one point i wanted to do it professionally.
i work at target and have for 10 years.  i am in charge of security at my store.
i live just off cape cod in massachusetts.
i've had the same best friend for 16 years.  :)
i love chocolate, bacon, butter and cupcakes.
on that note, i'm desperately trying to lose weight.
i am addicted to coffee and my iPhone.
i just finished the hunger games and now i'm on to 50 shades of grey.
there's links to all my other stuff up there in the top left if you're interested!

my blog is about me, my life, my family and usually involves pictures i've taken.  

if you're interested, there's more about me on my {about me} tab!

i love following new blogs and look forward to getting to know some fabulous people!

here is a picture of my heart.  :)


Ultimate Blog Party 2012


  1. Ooooo... this sounds like fun!! And your family picture is so wonderful!

  2. Your family is adorable! :)
    -Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

  3. I want to know when the wedding will be! I wish that you guys were closer to Virginia--I have a good friend who is an amazing wedding photographer: thecottonwife.com.

  4. I would be broke all the time if I worked at Target!! and I love bacon, cupcakes and chocolate. Oh by the way your not fat either, we are beautiful full figured women. 14 is an excellent beginning size to be.
    Congratulations on your new family. I loved your intro-no more daddies please-it hooked me.

  5. Love your family picture, its adorable , I found you via the UBP 2012, and I am really interested in reading more about your family! Be sure to come by and say hello at www.forgetthedognotthebaby.com

  6. @shannon...thanks! :)

    @megan....thanks! :)

    @katie....i wished i lived closer to you period. we don't have a date as of right now, but as soon as we do, you'll know it!

    @nicki...it's so hard not to spend my whole paycheck there! i'm much bigger than a 14. although, i'm very confident. i know i'm beautiful despite my extra pounds. :)


  7. Love your sense of humor. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    I'm in Massachusetts also -- a bit closer to the Boston area than you, but close enough to the Cape that The Five-Year-Old and I pop down for day trips several times a summer (weekdays natch. Why mess with the weekend traffic?)

    Another new follower from the UBP12.

  8. I totally made it all the way through your About Me list, despite your doubts on it that anyone would. I too hate feet and stupid people.

    I admire you for working at Target for so long. I did 6 years in BigBox retail and I still have nightmares about having to go back, but I think it's one of those things where your co-workers and bosses make or break the job, because the first few years were great!

    Totally rambling now! Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the UBP!

  9. Hi Angela! You have a beautiful heart - I'm glad I found a blog with such a fresh feel. I hope you are having a good time - PArty ON!

  10. Your family is lovely and I'm pretty sure I was in your store this past September! :D #UBP12