{29/30...black & white}

day 29. black & white. i went out looking for something that would be dramatic as a black & white. maybe something with awesome lines. instead you get my kids. i love black & white for soooooooooo many reasons but mostly because it makes kids with crazy non-matching clothes look normal. example...ian has a bright orange sweatshirt on. chloe's jacket is purple and pink. to say they clashed is a vast understatement. but here, in black & white they look cute. :)


don't you just love ian? this is what i get from him in every.single.picture. don't believe me? check out {this} post out.

i am behind. everyone is already done but go check them out anyways!

here is the list of people doing the challenge too. check them out. leave them some love. :)

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