{it's hailing...well, hail}

yesterday out of no where it started poring.  lisa, izz and i were in our bedroom watching tv when the rain started.  lisa jumped up and ran around like a crazy woman and out the door.  you see, lisa has a bad habit of leaving her sunroof open.  and she had gone out earlier to bring bailey to sign up for JBA.  so out she went.  izz laughed.  it was quite a sight.  she didn't leave her sunroof open, however while she was out there it did start to hail.  yes.  hail.  we don't see a heck of a lot of hail around here so it was pretty awesome.  here are some quick shots.





this one is my fave. i just wanted to get a quick shot of the dark cloud and when i uploaded to the computer i saw that you can see the hail falling. :)


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