{weight loss...1/5 down}

i am so elated this week!  i've changed my weigh in day to thursday.  i think this will work better for me than monday because i like to eat over the weekend.  especially on our sunday with the kids.  we make sunday breakfast complete with bacon, eggs and french toast and i'm going to eat it damn it!  so thursday will be my usual post day.  

today you get it on friday.  i've done really well this week weight loss wise.  i haven't however done well working out.  still fighting this cold and colds for me mean asthma attacks.  so yeah.  i did lose two pounds.  and that's two pounds since monday.  pretty good if you ask me.  :)

i set my goal at 25 pounds.  i have lost to date 5.8 pounds which means that i am 1/5 of the way!!!!  it's hard.  really hard but seeing that mean little number on the scale go down makes it all worth it.  i feel like if i wasn't a mother of four it would be so much easier.  never mind the obvious physical things i have lingering from them, i just think i'd have more TIME.  time to work out.  time to plan healthy meals.  time to get enough sleep.  time.  how do you all juggle it?  how do you fit in working out between working and family?

{notice the gray hair....i didn't color it in like i usually do {although i have dyed it since this photo} i'm trying to learn to accept myself more. i am me. i am beautiful.}

{5.8/25...yeah baby!}

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