{photo comparison 2}

i really should be blogging challenge pictures.  specifically hands and sunflare since i'm behind...again.  oh well.  i'm a challenge failure.  lol.  maybe i'll get to the rest this weekend.  maybe not.  for now, here is photo comparison number 2.  this time it took 3 pics of the kids on the stairs 3 different ways. 

1.  digital camera.....edited in CS4 whichever way i felt like it.
2.  film camera.....with whatever film happened to be in my camera.  {this time it was portra 400}
3.  iphone camera.....hipstamatic with my favorite combo.  {helga viking, ina's 1969, flash off}


{this is horribly underexposed...still getting used to the film thing}


1 comment:

  1. very interesting. i miss film some days.

    i am behind too and i am the one that started it...oops.