{insta-friday 10/21}

here's another week of insta-friday. i love this blog post because i take so many pics with my cell phone and this is a fun and easy way to share them. :)

last saturday we went to an amazing pumpkin event at roger williams park zoo. you can read about that {here}. it was a lot of fun. before the pumpkin fun we went to dinner at geppetto's pizzeria. here are some shots on the way.

IMG_7035 (2)IMG_7034 (2)IMG_7040 (2)

at the restaurant we got wikki sticks instead of crayons. the kids loved them. they were bendy waxish type things that you could build things with.
IMG_7050 (2)IMG_7054 (2)IMG_7051 (2)
IMG_7046 (2)IMG_7065 (2)IMG_7063 (2)
IMG_7059 (2)IMG_7061 (2)IMG_7055 (2)
IMG_7066 (2)IMG_7056 (2)IMG_7060 (2)

i got a pretty fun feet shot...
IMG_7072 (2)

these were taken while we were in line waiting to get into the zoo.
IMG_7077 (2)IMG_7076 (2) IMG_7078 (2)

and these are from yesterday and today hanging out at the bus stop. :)
IMG_7110 (2)IMG_7111 (2)IMG_7115 (2)
IMG_7119 (2)IMG_7119 (2)IMG_7127 (2)
IMG_7123 (2)IMG_7128 (2)IMG_7124 (2)

and ian was hanging out today as rapunzel.
IMG_7134 (2)IMG_7136 (2)IMG_7137 (2)

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