i'm gonna try one last time to start up my etsy shop.  i sell mostly prints but sometimes i throw something in that i made.  baby hats, earrings and now, headbands.  i get on a kick and make a bunch of this crap and then it just sits.  lol.  here's a preview of some of my prints that are going to be for sale.  :)

some from new york....


maybe some from disney....

what would you be interested in?  would either of these sets intrigue you to buy from my shop?  i know personally that i want each and every one of these in my house.  BIG.  but hey, i took 'em.  ;)

anybody have any tips for etsy?  anyone?  anyone?  bueller??!


  1. I have often thought about doing something with my photos and etsy, but not even sure how to get started... what do you do about income and taxes? Do you have to set up a business name to sell on etsy?

    I think everything you showed here would be of interest - all beautiful photos!!

  2. I honestly don't know. I set up my account a few years ago. I've never really sold anything and to be honest I never even thought about taxes and what not. I guess I'll have to look into that.

  3. Angela, I think these are brillant!!! I personally probably wouldn't want NY pictures because I've never been there... but I can't imagine that some one who LOVES NY, maybe lives there, has a sentimental reason wouldn't want them!! I say GO FOR IT! The pictures are phenomenal!