{NY through my phone...the arrival, a bit of shopping and lunch}

or NY iphonetography.  :)  i took a lot of pics of NY with my phone.  it was raining so i didn't want to carry around my dslr.  lisa took some pics with that and those will come someday.  ;)  so yeah.  are you sick of NY from me yet?!

i'll try to break it up a bit and post groups of photos each day instead of all of them at once.  :)

this group is our arrival, some quick shopping, and then lunch.



  1. Angela! I am completely loving these images!!! This has totally inspired me to use my iphone to take photos more often! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Shannon! I totally just didn't want to be bothered with my dslr AND it's like they are already processed! No PS. ;)

  3. Seriously!!!! I can't wait to play!!!! I am totally doing the InstaFriday!!! :)