{i am wearing my fiance's bra}

yup.  just one of the many perks of being in love with a woman.  ;) 

seriously though, mine just don't fit right now.  everything just kind of spills out everywhere.  which might be a perk but when you have to go to work and look um "professional" and not that kind of professional, then it just doesn't cut it.  in fact i came out of our bedroom yesterday in my bra while getting ready for work and i swear she just about died from laughing so hard.  "you can wear my bra".  "please wear my bra".  "omg i can see your nipps".  aren't really things i would expect to hear while getting ready for work.  but i appreciate her for 1. telling me i look like a two dollar whore in front of walmart {my words. not hers.} and 2. letting me wear her bra until mine fit again.

so number one on my list of "reasons to be the not-so-fat-quintessential-fat-girl" is.....

- being able to fit into my own undergarments.  {nice huh?}

stay tuned for the list shortly.  or with the way i procrastinate, in a week or two. 

turns out, her's fit me just right.  isn't she nice to share?  would you wear someone else's bra?  does it creep you out?  or make you feel like you're being hugged all day?  :)

Harnessing my inner @KhloeKardashian.  Grrrrr
and just because. i'm harnessing my inner Khloe Kardashian in this hat. i must buy it. i hope no one steals it before friday because it must be mine and i must wear it in boston two weeks from three days ago. ;)

2.7/26 lbs. lost. {sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet}

p.s. on a side note should i feel weird now knowing that you all know that i'm wearing someone else's bra? cause i don't. but i bet you do. ;)


  1. OMG that's some funny stuff!!

  2. thaaaaaaaaaaaanks! it's always hard to put yourself out there. good to know you enjoyed it. :)

  3. Too funny! Congrats on the weight loss!!!

  4. Oh girl, this seriously makes me giggle!!! I love your honesty and transparency!!! And your sense of humor is amazing!! :)