{so there's this porch}

it's not my porch.  it's not a friends porch.  i don't know who's porch it is.  but this porch has the most ahhhhhhhhhmazing light.  seriously.  it is by far my favorite place to photograph the kids.  is that weird?  that i just go for a "walk" and we happen to hop out of the stroller and sit on this porch to take pics?  yeah.  i know.  it is.  in my defense {if there is one} it is a summer house.  so most of the time there is no one there.  and if there is someone staying there i just keep walking.  lol.

anyways i haven't visited my porch in so long.  in fact izz doesn't have a single picture taken on the porch.  sad huh?  {neither does the big one but that's because he's 1.  too cool to go for walks with the family and 2.  mortified that i do this}  so we were going for an actual walk the other day and we did hop out.  and we did take pics.  four of them.  you see, izz doesn't understand that it's not our porch.  she just wanted to run around on it and really i don't need the police showing up so i gave up on the idea of having a pic of the three little ones on my favorite coveted spot.  sighhhhhhhhhhh.  it would have been more upsetting if the big kid was there but he had a long day at school and requested to not go on the walk.  he knew there would be picture taking.  he's a smart one.

here are some porch shots throughout the years.  {oh and if this is your house, thanks for never being home} ;)



{Favorite Spot again}

{Favorite Spot}

{Too small dress+too big pants=Miss C}


{half of them}



i told you we go there often. :) these are the ones from the other day. i can't believe how big they are!

this was my sad attempt at a shot of the three of them....
and finally the only decent one of izz...
which started out as this shot. ;)


  1. That's so funny! It's a fabulous porch and I say go for it! Adorable pics of the kiddos!

  2. That's so funny! It's a fabulous porch and I say go for it! Adorable pics of the kiddos!

  3. The porch does have beautiful light!!! You are brave to use someone's porch. Your kids are adorable!!!

  4. Those are beautiful photos! I especially like #3 So cute!