{1/30...self portrait}

a few of my photography friends are doing a 30 day challenge. you can see my original post and the list here!  day one is a "self portrait".  i had inventory last night and worked a 14 hour shift so i took a pic of me doing what i'm doing today.  drinking coffee and watching tv.  :)

self portraits are hard for me.  there's always those 5 or 10 extra pounds that just don't look flattering in camera.  almost all of my pics are from above to help me look slimmer and help minimize my double {triple} chin.  but you know what, the world doesn't look at me from above.  so here i am.  in all my triple chin, not brushed-need to be dyed hair, with dirty clothes and no makeup self.  you, are welcome.  ;)

me :)

it's not too late to join in! you don't have to be a pro or even a hobbyist. you can do it with your dslr, a film camera, a point and shoot or even your phone. :)

misti has a list on her blog of everyone that's doing the challenge.  check it out!


  1. I love this and I am eyeballing that red couch! I really need one of those.

  2. I love this shot, not altered, just you. Perfect!

  3. I almost did my shot after my 5 mile run today. I didn't care either! We are who we are, right? You look great! I also love the couch.

  4. This is brilliant!! Love the remote... I have one just like it!! Love the real-ness of this image!