{another weight loss update}

so i have this theory. i can *either* eat healthier *or* work out. not both. doing both at the same time is hard. so i've been working out. and i've been eating better but not necessarily the best i can. i also have this theory that if i'm working out more than i used to, it shouldn't matter what i eat. i'm still moving more. i should lose weight. WRONG!

so this week, i started really doing weight watchers again. i mean counting even those two ok four hershey kisses i snuck. even if i know i'm having a bad day and i go over in points, i'm counting. and you know what? it just might be working.

i was able to enter into my little weight tracker that i've lost two pounds this week. you have no idea how HUGE that is. i've been at this steadily since february when i posted {this} number to show the world.  that was a little over two months ago. 

they say that slow and steady is best right???  i've been putting on and taking off what seems like the same two pounds forever.  this is what my scale told me this morning........{p.s. it hasn't been that low since i can remember} {p.s.s. which in turn makes me sick.  blah.}

please excuse the toes that badly need to be painted. oh and that red spot is leftover polish...not blood or dirt. i'm way more embarrassed about posting a pic in the state my feet are in then the number on the scale. that's progress, right??!


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  1. GOOD JOB!! i am right there with you, two pounds is huuuuuge and takes at least 3 weeks to 'stick' and stay off for me (what the hell??!) one thing that really bothers me way more than the toes though.... (because i have the same pedicure: red circles on naked toenails:) the scale is not perfectly aligned inside a tile on the floor - i think i might be turning OCD :|

  2. @carol. it's so hard! come move here already and we can do it together! :)

    and yeah, if you're that OCD then you probably shouldn't come to my house. lol

  3. Hmmmm.... maybe that's my problem.... I can eat what I want if I exercise. I've just realized how delusional that sounds! :/

  4. Congrats to you! That is awesome. You'll see I post my weight/workout stuff weekly but I haven't been as brave as you with the scale pictures. I don't want to even look at it - stupid scale! But yahoo I'm so happy for you. :> Keep it up -or I should say down!

  5. And I'm with inkyblog, you have to straighten the scale. I put it on the same square of tile each time to be sure it stays as accurate as possible. I'm WAY OCD about that.

  6. @shannon...it's a good delusional though...isn't it? ;)

    @andrea...thanks! i always have it in the same area of the bathroom but don't worry about the tile. maybe that's my problem! :)

  7. 'either' is better than my poorly thoughts out plan of 'neither'! lol. I'm hoping to get back to the gym in the next week or so to start working on things. Congrats on the loss, any loss is a good thing!

  8. It is SO hard, isn't it. I feel miserable lately. Partly due to a cold I can't shake and partly due to self-loathing! A girlfriend of mine and I used to say, "If I'm not going to be hard on myself, who will?!"

    But YOU?! Yay you! Congratulations, dearie! Nice job on all your hard work.