{i need an anonymous blog}

seriously.  some pretty funny stuff happens in my life but all of it just isn't appropriate to share with people that "know" me.  sometimes i wish i could type up a post and hit publish and not have anyone know who i was.  it would be awesome.  i mean the words "i really wish the blog was anonymous" come out of my mouth at least three times a week. 

for example.  the other night.  lisa and i went to the gym and then home to enjoy a nice dinner and some white wine.  i bought a new wine i hadn't had before and i may have been a little over eager. 

picture this.  i'm in the kitchen in my underwear and a tshirt.  i opened the bottle and took a swig.  yup.  i'm classy.  lisa dies laughing.  "you are so classy...".  i know huh?  "no, you are in the kitchen in your underwear and ARGYLE socks swigging wine out of the bottle".  classy.

i laughed too and said to her "don't you wish i had an anonymous blog?"  what can i say?  my feet were cold.

for the record, i'm not embarrassed to share this with you.  i enjoy me some wine.  the stuff that i don't share is much funnier and much much more embarrassing.  if i ever start sharing a blog that i love and it happens to be anonymous and about someone awesome, it's not mine.  i swear.  ;)



  1. Love it!

    And yes, I wish the same thing ALL the time too. :)

  2. That is totally something I would and have done! And I am totally classy, too.

  3. I love your blog! And now you totally have me interested in the things you *don't* share! I've been super busy this week, but I plan on spending this evening catching up on all the fun I missed!

    P.S. Have you ever checked out my friend Mark's blog? He comments on my blog a good bit, and his sense of humor reminds me of yours. www.oursimplelives.com

  4. I wish I had an anonymous one too sometimes. I feel most of the time like I can't say what I want to say!!!