{weight loss...an update}

so i'm trying to lose weight.  i've told you all that.  i haven't really posted an update because there hasn't been much to update.  it's been really discouraging to not see the number move.  or rather to see it move but up and down within the same six pounds.  i haven't lost anything significant. 

i also haven't given up.  i'm still watching what i eat.  and still {kind of} doing weight watchers.  by kind of, i mean i don't enter or track every single thing but i'm aware of how many points everything is and i eat as if i were tracking it.  and i'm working out.  i try to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week.  in my last four trips, i've moved my body almost 25 miles whether on the treadmill, elliptical or bike.  i know that doesn't seem like much, but for me, it's mountains.  and i'm becoming slightly addicted to the gym.  i guess there's worse things to be addicted to.  right?

AND, guys, this is a HUGE one.  hence the caps...i've only bought and consumed ONE bag of cadbury mini eggs.  in case you don't know, they are my kryptonite.  i used to buy enough to stockpile and last me until well after easter.  this year, not so much.  how's them apples? 

the one big big big thing that's saving me here is i seem to be losing inches.  i just started measuring last week so i don't know what i've lost so far but i can tell you that when i bought my belt i had to wear it on the very first hole.  like the biggest one.  i went down to the second for a while the last time i was dieting.  then, after my surgery when i blew up it was so tight i couldn't wear it at all.  i was a belt less bra less fool who had to borrow a bra from my fiance.  and now?  now i wear it on the third hole.  :)  and on good days, i could wear it {not so comfortably} on the fourth.  so yeah.  there's that.  thank god for that because if it wasn't for that, i'd be eating butter by the stick in a fit of depression.  that bra situation?  i'm wearing my own again but they really don't fit and i've tried different sizes.  i guess i just need to go get measured.  boo.

so yeah, it's really really hard.  and i just realized going back to the post about wearing lisa's bra that i promised a list of reasons why i want to lose weight.  well surprise surprise, i never did it.  real quick off the top of my head, here's a few.

1.  to fit in my own undergarments again.
2.  so the undergarments i am wearing now will stop rolling down in the front like they're trying to escape my belly.
3.  to be able to run around with my kids.
4.  to be able to go shopping and not only in the plus or maternity section.
5.  to have my chest enter the room before my belly.  {this one i've accomplished but at one point it was a goal}
6.  to feel confident.
7.  to feel healthier.
8.  and because i hate odd numbers to fit into my cute summer clothes from last year.  ;)

and because i really feel like this post needs a pic.  here's me.  through a peephole.  polaroid style.



  1. You can do it! It is tough, but you have the dedication and goal to get where you want to be, Angela!

    PS- I covet your hair. :D

  2. good for you Ang - it's hard, so freaking hard to keep at it. we need a facebook fatties group to keep us in check :) i'm right there with ya, anytime you feel weak or need a pat on the back, text me and we can be fatfriends together xoxoxox

  3. i hate odd numbers too - what is that about??!!! the nuns at my school swore all odd numbers were male, so i instantly had to be even in every way possible :) had to have babies not just in even years but LEAP years to be doubly even :) i can't even buy 3 things, i must buy 4 or 2 :) horray - you're strange too, i'm so relieved and happy!!!

  4. @katie - thanks chickie! :)

    @carol - i despise odd numbers. my radio and tv volumes have to be on even numbers at all times. i even told lisa that if we have a baby, we have to have two because i can't have an odd number of children. lol. they are all even agaes in the same year which makes me happy. this year is the odd year. help me. and i don't have your number or i would text you ALL the time. :)

  5. p.s. thanks to both of you lovely ladies for your support! it means a heck a lot! :)

  6. Keep at it. It is hard. I was almost to my goal before Christmas, now I am back where I started.
    You can do it.

  7. @misti - thanks chickie! i appreciate it. :)

  8. I have been feeling so glum about weight loss these days too. It doesn't help that we just went on a mini-vacation and ate our weight in fatty southern food, but there you are. I'm not moving my body enough, and that's my main complaint. Your post has inspired me. Tomorrow (or tonight even, the sun is out longer!), I'm getting out there. My goals are very similar to yours, dear. xo