{best part of my day}

today is easter.  lisa and i spent a wonderful morning with the kids and then went to a movie (american reunion) and went to linner {lunch/dinner}.  it was delicious.

when we got home, i couldn't wait to get into my pajama pants.  my jeans were a bit snug after all that popcorn and chicken scampi.  oh yeah, and the pineapple upside down cake martini.  

queue getting undressed.  i pulled off my outer shirt so i was in just my tank top.  lisa said "that's the best part of my day.  right there."  this of course made me feel sexy.  until....she started dying laughing and pointed down.

yup.  popcorn.  on the floor.  it was in my shirt.  

aren't i hot?!  


  1. omg, freakin' hilarious. Do you have my boobs? Cause I get stuff in there all.the.time. :P

  2. Hahaha. I could see the exact same scene playing out in our bedroom after the movies, just throw in a Milk Dud or two (I love those in my popcorn). How was American Reunion?

  3. @laurie....i loved it. it was funny and reminded me a lot of the first one. i'd highly reccomend it. it was done very well.

  4. OMG.... I just about spit out my Starbucks!! That's classic!!!! Love it! :) And did you know that all of the American Pie movies are based on the East Grand Rapids area here where I live?? :)

  5. @Andrea...all. the. time. they have food magnets in them. i swear.

    @Shannon...i didn't know that they were set there. it's a very pretty area! :)