{saturday ramblings}

it's saturday am.  i'm at work.  {on my break :)} and i thought i should share with you some random crap.  :)

1} i had cheerios and a banana for breakfast this am.  what i really wanted was a big fresh baked cinnamon roll that they make at my local coffee shop.  i've had a couple of ehhhh days during my diet this week.  there are some days during the month where diets just don't work.  {if you know what i mean}.  every single one of those days i went to get my coffee and fingers crossed hoped/wished/prayed that they would have some.  and they didn't.  jerks. 

then today, the i'm-back-on-track-right-now-day, after i had my cheerios and banana, i walk in to get my coffee and immediately want to punch the nice owner in the face.  really?  REALLY????!  it smelled of heaven and rainbows.  i half expected a unicorn in a princess tiara to be behind the counter ready to spoon feed me the nice fresh baked cinnamon roll.  i took a deep breath and ordered my coffee.  when she asked me if i wanted anything to eat, i secretly cursed my metabolism/older age/weight watchers/children/uterus/sweet tooth/years of not eating healthy/and her and said "no thanks!"  {insert sweet-i-want-to-kill-you-smile}

so there!

will power - 1
sweet tooth - 0

{for now}

2} speaking of said diet, i was doing pretty well.  and with my diet set back, my weight is back too.  i'm still going to the gym.  i'm still losing inches.  {up to 14!}  just not pounds.  but hey, i'll take inches anyday!  i'm planning on attending my first 5k in july.  it's the color me rad 5k.  it looks like a ton of fun.  the artist in me is super excited!  and i love that it's not timed and there's no winner.  no pressure.  just fun.  plus, i'm probably gonna walk/jog it, so yeah.  i'm excited though.  i hope to have lots of pictures!  :)
3} sometimes i listen to pandora at work.  not often though.  my ipod doesn't have wifi and i hate sticking my iphone in the dock.  it's just a pain in the butt.  if i see someone i think might be stealing, i have to grab my phone out of the dock.  that extra step?  too much hassle for my lazy butt.  but today i'm listening to it.  i typed in american idol and i am listening to the "american idol finalists" station.  i know right?  total dork.  i know.  it's ok.  what's your favorite pandora station?  enlighten me!

4} i'm reading 50 shades of grey.  it's hot.  like really really hot.  you-should-read-it-and-thank-me-later-hot.  i totally expected the author to be a man.  and she's not.   but yeah.  read it.  just make sure you buy all three.  i did but my next installment isn't here from amazon yet.  how will i spend the time waiting?  i'm sure i'll just go back to the best chapters and re-read them.  for there grammar and intellectual content, of course.

5} i spell check every single post.  i hate bad spelling.  maybe more than i hate bad coffee.  yeah that bad.  and still, sometimes lisa finds things.  that erks me.  and i blame blogger.  if they'd just get that i don't use capital letters and stop telling me that i spelt things wrong because they are "supposed to be" capitalized than i wouldn't miss the things that really are spelt wrong.  thanks for making me look like a loser blogger.

6} i really just put 6 here because i hate odd numbers that much.  think about that. 

and 1} because my posts really feel naked without a photo and 2} i'm a geek....do you remember facebook flair????! of course you do. here's one of my boards. lol.

My Facebook Flair.....


  1. HA! I totally forgot about facebook flair! Too funny. I started running again, and on the days I didn't want to die, it felt okay. My goal is 3+ days a week, and if it weren't pouring today, I would have done 4, so not too shabby. The things we worry about. I'm proud of and inspired by you, dear!

  2. awwww thanks! i'm so happy you are running. i used to loathe the thought of working out and now i find i'm anxious on days i don't get to. it's quite a lifestyle change. i love it. :) and 3+ days a week is an awesome goal!

  3. I started running too!! I signed up for my first 5k on May 12. However, it's less likely that I'll be running much of it. I have been suffering from shin splints something horrible!!!!

    Facebook flair!! Thanks for the reminder!! Too funny!