{the way i view...happiness aka living in the moment}

so i cheated a bit. kind of. i'm doing a monthly project with the talented miss {jude} called living in the moment.  i'm also doing a monthly challenge on {clickin' moms} called the way i view..... this month's theme is happiness.  how could i not combine the two?  the whole idea of living in the moment is to record the last day of each month.  the details.  your life.  this month it fell on a saturday that lisa and i had the kids.  so, a perfect saturday.  :)  i love the days that we get to spend together.

this day started with lisa letting me sleep in until 10:30 am.  yeah, you read that right.  how lucky am i?  so while i was eating breakfast, we were plopping our pot roast in the crock pot.  it was heavenly.  someone at lisa's store gave her the recipe and it's so easy and amazing.  i'll have to share at some point.  

this day also involved half of us not even getting out of our pajamas.  how awesome is that?  gotta love a lazy day.  but some of us did leave the house and therefore, got dressed.  bay and i went to the gym.  i love going with him.  i work out, he plays basketball.  he loves going and i love giving him the opportunity to.  after, we went to target to get some groceries.  i talked him into jumping in the aisles for me.  really, it was the promise of a shared kit kat. shhhhhhhhhhh.  don't tell the elliptical.  ;)

during dinner, chloe had a loose tooth mishap so we ended up gently helping it out.  the tooth fairy came for a visit and she couldn't be happier, although she said it's hard to talk without her teeth.  there were lots of snuggles and cuddles and hanging out.  

before bed, we read a story and then i took a bubble bath.  heaven.  lisa and i topped the night off with popcorn and the alcatraz season finale.  

so in a nutshell, the perfect example of happiness is what makes me happier than anything ever.  them.  :)

do me a solid and go check out {clair's} view of happiness.  


i also tried out a new blog template this month for this post.  i'm trying to find one that i love.  what do you think?


  1. Hmmm...I'm going to have to go back to the other living in the moment posts to compare, but personally? The frames were a bit distracting to me. I loved the collages SO much, but my eye was drawn to the frames and away from the picture and nobody wants that! I loved your weekend! It's my dream weekend too..although I could never, ever sleep that late. Seven is slugging for me! Everything else though: bliss! xo

  2. A whole day of happiness - what could be better?!

  3. I thought the template was fun and unique-- maybe not for use on everything, but I thought it worked well for your collages of happiness. I think you are spot on about combining happiness and living in the moment. That's why I think kids are soooo good at being happy-- they don't worry about the past or the future like we seasoned people often do. Great record of the little things that made up your day! I especially loved the creative book in the bathtub shot! :)

  4. Love it! A day jam packed with happiness! What could be better?