{a first}

i bought my girl her first chapter book.  now that they're all growing up and not babies anymore making the "big" milestones, you tend to forget about all the firsts that are still to come. 

she's been asking for a magic tree house book and had even borrowed one from a friend at school.  "mommy, can you please get me a chapter book?  like a magic tree house?"  ummmmmmmmm, you're 6.  but she borrowed her friend's book and slayed it in two days.  she's an awesome reader. 

so, i went to the book section to get a magic tree house but ran into super cute girly girly books.  now, i'll fully admit, i judge books by their cover.  if it's not cute, i don't buy it.  unless i have a recommendation from someone.  so anyways, i fell in love with ivy and bean.  so that's what she got.  i gave it to her and she was so excited! 

hopefully she loves books as much as her mommy does.  but maybe she won't judge them on cute factor like i do.

what are some books that your young readers love???

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  1. I can't wait for that day! It freaks me out a little because I fear I'm not doing her justice as I'm not teaching her to read as often as I should. But she'll learn in school, right? :) ... I hope ...

  2. Grace loved the Alice books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor! She also really enjoyed Judy Moody books. She's 12 now and not such a fan of reading anymore. :( I hope she comes back around! She's reading The Hunger Games right now for a book report for school... I'm thrilled! Then we can go see the movie together! :)

  3. @andrea...i didn't teach a single one of them how to read. i'm not ashamed to admit it. they learned in school. when she actually starts reading, just make sure to sit and listen. :)

    @shannon...i'll look into those. my son is 12-almost-13 and he loves to read so i hope it will come back for grace too!

  4. Well, she has to read Little House on the Prairie, OF COURSE.

    Great photo, dear. xo

  5. @laurie...thanks! :)

    @lauren...of course! ;)

  6. Your dinner looked yummy!

    Great job on the chapter book for your girl!