{insta-friday...black friday}

today is black friday.  for some of you that may mean nothing.  for some it's the day you go wait in line at an insane time for a silly tv or gasp crock pot.  for me it means going into work for midnight on thanksgiving night to work so that you can get your silly items.  :)

now i'm not really complaining per say.  bf is my favorite day of all year to work in retail.  i just wish it was still a friday thing.  there's really no need to open on thanksgiving day to sell some tvs  and iPods.  for reals.  

here are some shots from our week....

is this for real?  and is it necessary to steal it????
"natural looking padded panty pre-shaped with contour form to resemble a curvaceous bottom"
ummmmmmm ok.

lisa and i fell upon the cake bar while sort of lost.  best fall ever.

their cakes were beautiful.

but their cupcakes came home with us and they were heavenly.

we went to the disney outlet.  heaven on earth.

i'm loving this song.  it's awesome.

my boy had a grandparent's day at school.  none of his grandparents live close enough by or were available so he got to pick someone special.  guess who he picked?!  :)

they sang for us.  we made a thanksgiving bracelet and we took pics of each other.

he made a cute place mat too.

on thanksgiving i didn't take many pics.   but i did grab these two that struck me.  the teenagers they're becoming.

it's on!  well, it's over now.  but it was on.

i was super excited about the infinity scarves.  this beauty cost me $8.  score.

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  1. It does seem totally unfair for black friday to begin on Thanksgiving. I've never really participated in the shopping thing!

  2. 1...who wants a bigger butt?! Really, I just want my hips to move towards my boobs....and BAM! I'll be happy girl...lol!
    2...Ho Hey has become my favorite song! And I'm so surprised they are playing down here in Miami since all they play sometimes is booty music[...maybe that panty will do well here!]
    3...love the infinity scarf, i love scarf, scarves make me :)
    4...The kiddos look like they had so much fun! and the turkey placemat idea....that rocked a little [lots!]\
    5...is that a cake purse? because it looks real...so real i may not want to eat it!

    and these were my thoughts in no particular order ! lol
    Andie's Traveling Pants