{christmas gangnam}

again, a video that's just too awesome not to share.  i love this.

A Texas family's Christmas light show is flipping the switch on "Gangnam Style."
John Storms spends a long time designing the perfect light display each year, synchronizing the whole thing to music.

you can read more about john storms in the article {here}

and because i love a good mashup....

there are so many of them.  here are a few that i love.  you're welcome.  :)

if you didn't watch the ama's, you missed out. this is one of the coolest mashups i've ever seen.

my kids two favorite songs.  if only they'd do a mashup video for me.  ;)

and why not?

this girl is so talented. i just found her.

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  1. AAAAAaaaaaa-HAAAAA!
    someone loves the Gangnam dude too!!!!

    lovely lovely!