{cutest dang ornaments ever}

you may or may not know this about us but we love disney ornaments.  we've collected quite a few over the last few years.  truthfully, going into Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in liberty square and getting our ornaments has become one of my all time favorite disney traditions.  lisa and i went in and bought each kid and ourselves an ornament on our very first disney trip together and we have each time we've returned.  what i love about it the most besides the fact that it's DISNEY and CHRISTMAS is that we do it together.  without the kids.  we pick them out for them based on what they love at that moment in life.  and then we get to see them open them.  omg.  perfect.  

i will come back soon with pics of our ornaments when i bust them out in a couple of weeks.  for now, i was browsing the disney store and found these awesome ornaments to share with y'all.

these disney vinylmation ornaments are totally adorbs. AND they smell. uh huh. they smell just like whatever they're holding in their hands. so dang cute.


and these are just perfect. how can you go wrong really?

and just because.  why not????   omg. delish.

all photos via {disney}

NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. Cute! We have that Prep and Landing ornament--or a similar one. Have you seen my Disney tree? I have been collecting them since 1996. :D

  2. I don't want to take Liberty Square from ya...but did you know there's a Christmas store in Downtown Disney in Orlando?!

    I love Lilo & Stitch by the way ;P