{scrabble tile christmas ornaments}

i came up with cute idea while visiting my good friend {carol's} house.  she had made something similar with a different letter block. 

grab the scrabble game that you bought three years ago to make scrabble tile necklaces with out of your closet.  i know.  i did too. 
spell out the names of your family.

hope you have enough for everyone...

find out that you don't have enough for your own name.  boo.

hot glue the letters together.  make sure to spell it correctly!  that would be embarrassing.  i found that i like the look of the letters being a bit slanty and not all flat to each other.

glue some ribbon on the back to hang it.  voila!!!!!!!!!!

i did find that my names broke apart if not gentle with them.  i think that either sanding down where you are putting the glue or gluing the ribbon all the way down the back would solve this.  no problem!

NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. I love these!!! Now to scour some resale shops for old games...

  2. Oh, these are great! Makes me wish I were crafty. Do you have enough for "Callum?" ;)

  3. So clever. My kids have too many T's and N's in their names, lol. Lots of E's and A's too.

  4. I am giving these as gifts this year to all the kids in the family. I hand make ornaments each year, and now I am so glad I have found what I will make this year!! Thank you!