{gift ideas}

hey y'all! i found a super cute gift idea while perusing the aisles here at target and thought i would share with you guys! this is a 12 month note book set.


it has a 40 page notebook for each month. they are $7.00 for the set. i think these are adorable. you could use them for lists, notes, journaling or whatever your little heart desires. then at then end of the year, no matter what you used them for, they are a cute little reminder of your year. :)

if you'd like, i'll keep sharing these fun finds with you.

NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. I LOVE those! As soon as I saw them I thought of Alyssa, she love love loved all things paper and pen, Im beginning to think that you and Alyssa would have liked eachother!

  2. where do i click to subscribe to your blog?