{sandy...way later}

hurricane sandy was such a non event here in our corner of the world but it was such a huge tragedy for so many that i just haven't had the words.  i do however have a few pics that i took during and after the storm that i'd like to share.

this boat got beached.  unfortunately for the owners.  one of which is out in the water there to the right. not really sure what he thought he could do?

just a wider shot....

ummmm yeah.  i'm nuts.

this is really hard to see but where that fence is and up towards the front, is street.  although it wasn't here during high tide.

the rest of these are from the day after......this is a parking lot, clearly.  usually not buried by sand.


this is actually pretty high.  not as high as it was the night before.

then the sun rose and it was gorgeous.



now i know that the damage here was NOTHING compared to other parts of the country.  i'm not trying to say that it is.  at all.  just documenting our journey is all.  my heart goes out to everyone that lost their home or lives in an area that was hit hard by sandy.  she was a brutal one for sure.  

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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  1. Wow. The calm after the storm. The devastation up there is overwhelming, I am so glad that you made it through unscathed. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lisa, and the munchkins! :D