{thoughts on the election}

this month i'm participating in NaBloPoMo. national blog posting month over at {blogger}.  they have writing prompts that you can use if you need or would like them.

today's question is....

What are your thoughts about tomorrow's election in the United States?

honestly, i don't really talk politics. i know who i'm voting for. i know who i want to win. but yeah...politics are a touchy subject.

instead i will share with you one of my favorite albums. you know, just to be random and all.

Technology #gratitude30


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  1. I very hesitantly posted a political post on my blog today because, like you, I find the topic to be pretty touchy! But, ah, it's important, and I feel it strongly. So I voted and I wrote about it and people can decide to unlike me or not. It's where I stand. :) You are probably wiser!